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AUG 2018

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school. Now you can't get me off of the field—I want to play as much as possible. I don't think you will see me back in a show ring anytime soon. Retraining horses Molly: OTTBs are my absolute favorite type of horse to have for polo. I currently have four that raced and two that were track trained. My mom and I have a few connections with people on the track and b reeders. When looking for green horse projects my main concern has been conformation. Conformation can really affect the health of performance horses long term and it is a huge factor in their playing ability as well. Leon and Gucci just joined my project list this summer. I am taking my time with both of them since they are so young, but Leon seems to have taken to the mallet just fine! I have umpired on him in the arena and stick and balled him already. Mia: I got my start in retraining horses somewhat by chance. My mom decided to save a Thoroughbred horse from a nearby kill pen via Facebook and Stilly ended up being my project horse. She was still wearing her racing plates when I picked her up! My dad and I spent the next year bringing her up slowly. Stilly played her first slow chukkers in Idaho at the Luttrell's ranch. Shortly after, I rescued a 3-year-old gelding, Pistol Pete, from a similar situation. Pete played his first chukkers in coaching league a month ago. Polo and life Molly: My goal in polo is to be the best player and green horse trainer that I can be while also working a job outside the sport. I plan on playing and training horses for the rest of my life. Mia: I will always be involved in the sport to some extent. Now that I have graduated, I am considering graduate school in hopes of finding a career that allows me to continue playing polo. Over the past few years, the immigration issues faced by many of the individuals working in the industry struck me and sparked my interest in law, so law school might be in the cards for me. Team USPA Molly: Being on Team USPA is a huge privilege! I hope to have more training and playing opportunities that maybe would not be available to me otherwise. My ultimate polo experience would be to play the Women's Open. Through Team USPA, I was able to go to Aiken a week early and play in the "Immersion Weekend" with Adam Snow and Owen Rinehart. Learning from them was an amazing experience. I also really enjoyed getting to tour the breeding facility at Insinya farm during the tryouts weekend. Mia: I was very excited to be selected for Team USPA. Learning from different professionals will hopefully elevate my game. I really enjoyed going to Aiken for the tryout clinic. Staying at the pond house with the other players and being immersed in polo made for a pretty perfect weekend. Advice for young players looking to get involved in the sport Molly: My advice would be to try and learn something from everyone you meet. Everyone can teach you something. Playing with new people and at different clubs will really help in improving your game. Playing new horses and taking on projects will give you a boost of confidence in your riding ability as well. Mia: Find someone in the sport who can be a mentor. I had the privilege of playing with my dad, Joe Henderson, Mason Wroe, Patrick Uretz and Mariano Fassetta this year, which helped my polo immensely. The more time you spend in the saddle on the field, the more confident you will be going into plays and that will make you a better player! POLO P L A Y E R S E D I T I O N 23 Molly Agee Mia Bray ALEX PACHECO

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