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AUG 2018

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34 POLO P L A Y E R S E D I T I O N Aside from the polo action, players were welcomed by Discover Newport with a collector's gift from Rhode Island's Alex and Ani, and enjoyed Newport's famed attractions, including a tour of the port's night life, a players' dinner at the iconic Clarke Cooke House and culinary favorites throughout the tournament. Dechra Veterinary Products was presenting sponsor of the tournament. WIPN's Cindy Halle said, "It was a great event for women's polo. Hopefully, it will grow each year. It was great for Newport and Myopia to introduce a new concept and hopefully it will be on the West Coast too." The winning team represents a new women's network championed by Dawn Jones. On a GoFundMe page for the Women's International Polo Network, it is described as a first-of-its-kind independent international network of women polo players. Its purpose is to enhance women's polo around the world by building an online community that includes detailed player profiles and a comprehensive global calendar of women's tournaments. The network hopes to facilitate, play and build teams; increase global exposure for women players; build a healthy women's polo community; and create opportunities for sponsorship and philanthropic outreach. Hudspeth, who played in both finals, said the network is a great idea and Jones is really committed to making it happen. The Women's East Coast Open was a great example of creating ways to increase exposure for women players. "I met all these incredible women in the one-week tournament. It was so cool that Terri [Campbell], who wasn't going to play at all, just stepped up. It was her first women's tournament. She was really nervous about it and did great!" said Hudspeth. "I lost both finals but it was such a pleasure because it was really good polo, with really good sportsmanship all the way around. Everybody played really well. We did pretty well ... for a thrown-together team ..." Halle also enjoyed meeting new people. "I was most excited to meet new players and to get to play on Myopia's storied polo field. It was fun to go somewhere different. ... It was very competitive and will get better and better," she said. Halle was reminded just how great the polo community can be when her truck blew an engine on the interstate on her way home from the event. Jared Sheldon never hesitated to drive an hour to pick up the trailer full of horses and drive them to Gardnertown Polo where Bill Dencker and his interscholastic kids set up stalls and took care of her ponies. Dencker also loaned her a car to get to a hotel. "I am so grateful for the connections this sport creates," she said. "Other than my engine blowing, a yucky thing turned into a positive experience." The next day, her husband Ned borrowed a truck from Vicky Collins to pick her, the horses and trailer up and bring them all home. HANDICAP T olerance Cider/ Heïades International Minnie Keating 3 Hannah Stowe A Lizzy Girard Parker 3T Izzy Parsons 6T Catie Reed A Boston Avalon A thena Malin 4 Elizabeth Owens A Natalie Dostoomian A Tiamo Hudspeth 5 Natalie Barton A Melinda's Prospect Farm Anna Winslow 4 Jennifer Williams 3 Cindy Halle 4 Gracie Grotnik A Island Cowgirl Courtney Asdourian 6 Jenna Davis 2 Lauren Bilsky A Heather Souto 4 Harvard Jane Amero 2T Aemilia Phillips A Marion Dierickx 2 Alyson Poor 4 OPEN Woman's Internation Polo Network Cindy Halle 4 Dawn Jones 6 Alyson Poor 4 Anna Winslow 4 Avalon Farm Terri Campbell A Athena Malin 4 Tiamo Hudspeth 5 Paige McCabe 6 Amanda Poor 4 Island Cowgirl Courtney Asdourian 6 Heather Souto 4 Ula Green 2 Julia Steiner 5 Heïades International Lesley Ann Masterton Fong-Yee 4 Lizzy Girard Parker 3T Minnie Keating 3 Izzy Parsons 6T Boston Avalon's Tiamo Hudspeth, on Best Playing Pony IKnow, keeps the pressure on Tolerance Cider/Heïades International's talented 6-goal Izzy Parsons in the handicap final.

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