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POLO P L A Y E R S E D I T I O N 39 was really heartbreaking to me." Hudspeth decided to seize the opportunity. She started with Beinhorn in August 2015 and has been with him since. "Alston really wanted to get into breeding. He loves seeing the horses go and playing good polo. Basically, our goal is to make quality horses and sell them with our brand on them and enjoy them being played by amazing players all over the country," explained Hudspeth. A side from breeding, they purchase young polo prospects from other breeders to train and sell for polo. Hudspeth and Beinhorn also play polo together in places like Houston and New York. And when the opportunity arises, Hudspeth can play on other teams as well. Most recently, she played in the Women's East Coast Open with Athena Malin, who is working for Hudspeth this summer. "She's the sweetest young lady around, a hard worker and an excellent rider," said Hudspeth of Malin. "She came up with me and we brought horses and played in the [Women's East Coast] Handicap and Open together. Alston's very supportive of that." Former 4-goaler Stacey Stover has sent a few horses for Hudspeth to work. Stover's wife, Wendy, explained, "Stacey and I are very picky when trusting someone with the care of our horses. Tiamo is the ultimate trifecta in horsemanship. She is a caretaker, trainer and player all wrapped up in one, all while maintaining a professionalism that is hard to find these days. Tiamo has an incredible feel for a horse. The horses respond to her and it shows in their performance on the field and off." Hudspeth watches a player's style and prides herself on being able to successfully match horses with the player. "Nick Cifuni has actually bought five horses that I saddle broke and started. ... I know what Nick likes to ride ... I pay a lot of attention to everybody's strengths and try to get on anybody's horses when I have a chance. That way, in the future, I can be like, hey, I've got this horses you are going to love," Hudspeth explained. "I'm pretty good at matching people to horses." That is how she ending up selling a horse to Galindo. She walked up to him at a bar in Wyoming and said she had a horse she'd like him to try. He tried it the next day and two days later he bought the horse. "It is his favorite horse and he still has him," she said. If you think Hudspeth has an easy job, think again. Training young horses can be dangerous and she has gotten hurt more than once. She had a bad fall in Port Mayaca, landing on her head and tearing a lot of ligaments in her neck. And Hudspeth said last year was one of her worst years. "I got bucked off really bad, broke my radius and dislocated by elbow." She said her arm is still a little weak but she has regained her motion. Things are looking up for her. In fact, she sold four horses, three of them to pros, in a single month recently and now other high-profile professional players are contacting her about horses. "It's crazy how life works. Last year was my worst year and this year [is] my best," she said. "I really feel this year was the turning point for me where I can actually see all my work and the relationships I've built over the last 10 years ... [paying off]. It finally feels like I'm actually making a career out of it. Even more than that, I'm actually ... getting respect, recognition and acknowledgement. "It has been a slow process. It is hard to have an honest career training horses. There are so many crooked sellers out there and that makes it really hard for someone who is trying to be honest. I pride myself on being transparent and fair. I want to be the kind of person where you are so happy with the horse, whenever you need the next one, you call me first. I don't ever want to taint my name," she continued. "I am really proud of the horses I've put out into the polo world and I always keep in touch with the owners. "It's really satisfying when you can see the results and relationships where you are making these people happy when they are playing your horses at a high level. And [the horses] are doing exceptional and lasting and [are] sound. All those things I'm really proud of and I'm building my career on that foundation." Wendy Stover said, "Tiamo has a terrific work ethic, she is very professional and is well respected by all, both on and off the polo field. She is a tremendous player, rated 1 goal, all on horses she has been training." You can follow Hudspeth on Facebook or Instagram. Tiamo's first horse, Pride, now 19, is retired in Texas. She saddle broke the horse and went on to break the record in a Six-Bar jumping competition in Hawaii. The horse also played polo.

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