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46 POLO P L A Y E R S E D I T I O N Alice Gipps sat down with Nic Roldan shortly after he won the Queen's Cup. This is Roldan's sixth season competing in Britain's high goal. He originally came to join Andrew Hine on the Thai Polo team, playing with it and the Sifani team for three years. He has been playing with La Indiana since then. He has 12 horses for the season. Alice Gipps: The La Indiana team has been one of the main contenders for the past couple of years in the British high goal, reaching both the Queens Cup and Gold Cup finals in 2016, the Queen's Cup final in 2017 and now taking home the Queen's Cup trophy this year. In your opinion what is the main reason for the consistent high standard and success? Nic Roldan: For me, the two most important things are having an incredible organization of horses, top grooms, vet, farriers, trainers and physio. Secondly, [it is] a well- balanced team where everyone fits their positions correctly. It is amazing to be part of an organization here where every detail is thought of on and off the field and where everyone is working for the overall good of the team, allowing us to focus 100 percent on winning. Obviously we are conscious of continually improving the collective group of horses within the team, which is something Micheal [Bickford] is also very committed to. AG: How did you build a high-goal string in the U.K. or did you fly horses over from the U.S? NR: I started shipping horses to England three years ago when I first got the opportunity with La Indiana and since then I have purchased more over here or abroad specifically for the U.K. season to help improve and grow my string. AG: Where do you source your horses for this level and are any homebreds? NR: I get my horses from all over, I don't have any one person specific. I try to improve and grow my string each year with new ones, but it is sometimes difficult to find top horses that can go straight into high goal. So, in the States, as an alternative, I also buy 5- or 6-year-olds and put a year into them where I can finish them off and bring them into high goal. Over half my string in the U.S. are OTTBs, several of whom have come via [Kris] Kampsen. I do not have a breeding operation. Playing Around Nic Roldan is competing in the U.S., England and Argentina Miriam New York Cubana

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