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POLO P L A Y E R S E D I T I O N 47 AG: Which is your favorite and why? Which chukkers does she typically enter the field? NR: One of my favorites here in England is a mare called Miriam, an Australian Thoroughbred whom I bought from La Indiana three years ago. She usually plays in the beginning and comes back in the end and would be your quintessential "pocket rocket." In the barn she is super kind and always wants to be part of everything (including having mate). Another favorite of mine is New York, an American Thoroughbred whom I purchased from Mariano Aguerre and Nick Manifold's Los Machitos organization. Cubana is another American OTTB I have here who I purchased from Kampsen. You can read about them all on my website. (nicroldan.com/polo-ponies-horses/) AG: What is the main challenge of setting up a successful string of horses to compete abroad? NR: The toughest challenge is finding them. Top horses are very few and far between, let alone trying to mount yourself in two different countries. It is the most important thing to become the best and win, therefore it's the thing all top professionals work at day in, day out and, of course, we all have to continually be searching for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow in order to let us keep adding to our string. AG: Are there any significant differences between the British high goal and the U.S. high goal in terms of horses and the team line-up that you need to compete successfully? NR: I don't think there are any significant differences. Both seasons are incredibly competitive and host very good organizations with all the top players. Of course, here in the U.K. it is more streamlined with two main high-goal tournaments the top teams compete in and so you can focus fully on that and have clear aims. There is no real difference with horses here in the U.K. or the USA, there are top horses in both and the level increases each year with people shipping out their top horses as opposed to keeping them in Argentina. Some horses however may do better in Florida and others better in the U.K. but that often just comes down to the conditions and weather. AG: How does winning the Queen's Cup compare with your other big wins both at home and abroad? NR: Winning the Queen's Cup is obviously a huge achievement and another milestone achieved. I think every cup has a different story to tell, with new memories created. Of course, having won it after being in two previous finals was very satisfying. A G: Do you have any future plans for the U.K. season? NR: Yes, of course. At present [La Indiana] is playing the Gold Cup for the British Open here in Cowdray. Once we are finished I will be focused on captaining Team USA that will be playing England for the 18th edition of the Westchester Cup on July 28 at the Royal Country of Berkshire Polo Club here in the U.K. AG: What polo have you got lined up after the British season? NR: Straight after the Westchester Cup, I head to Aspen, Colorado, to play at the Aspen Valley Polo Club with Marc and Melissa Ganzi. It provides a stunning venue and I thoroughly enjoy spending time there. I am then fortunate enough to be making my debut in the Argentine Triple Crown as part of La Albertina which will be a dream come true. Roldan will be joining Francisco Elizalde, Ignacio Toccalino and Alfredo Cappella Barabucci. He will be replacing Santiago Toccalino. "Fran Elizalde called to say Santi was stepping down and that I was their first option, as they needed a No. 1, even though they know I am not organized with horses in Argentina," said Roldan. "I said yes right away but then it took me a couple of weeks to get my head around it and the challenge to get organized. But, now I am at the stage where I am comfortable to take it on and it's really exciting. It really is a dream come true and far quicker than expected so I will run with it, learn and have a good time in this new chapter of my career."

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