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AUG 2018

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P O L O R E P O R T POLO P L A Y E R S E D I T I O N 57 V IC GRABER CUP Antelope Jr.—Grant Palmer, Jim Wright, Felipe Vercellino, Herndon Radcliff; Klentner Ranch—Luke Klentner, Jesse Bray, Santi Wulff, Justin Klentner; Antelope—Hilario Figueras, Peke Gonzalez, Santi Trotz, Geoff Palmer; Farmers & Merchants Bank—Dan Walker, Marcos Bignoli, Felipe Viana, Leigh Brecheen. USPA INTRA-CIRCUIT Novis Insurance—Ivan Weiss, Jim Wright, Felipe Vercellino, Herndon Radcliff; Klentner Ranch—Luke Klentner, Jesse Bray, Santi Wulff, Justin Klentner; Farmers & Merchants Bank—Dan Walker, Marcos Bignoli, Felipe Viana, Leigh Brecheen; Barrossa—Jef Graham, Jim Wright, Felipe Vercellino, Herndon Radcliff. POLOSF TRIUMPHS IN SF POLO CLASSIC PoloSF topped a four-team roster in the SF Polo Classic held at the Wine Country Polo Club in Oakmont, California, June 23-24. The event was part of an international line-up of "Polo Champagne Around the World" tournaments to be played this summer in Rome, Vienna, Prague and Tangiers. It was organized by player Alfredo Goti and, in part, by PoloSF. Each team played two four-chukker matches over two days to decide the winning team and players' bragging rights. The first Saturday line-up matched PoloSF against Ferrari. Both teams played hard and made masterful moves. However, the first two chukkers the game was a little sticky and attracted multiple penalties. As the teams revised their strategies, the game opened up and resulted is a fast, all-out running game that flowed into Chukkers 3 and 4. The players settled down and organized their moves into long passing shots of 100-plus yards. John Ziegler, mounted on a brand-new string of Argentine imports, carried the ball to the goal on several occasions as well as taking one out of the air into the goal on a Penalty 4. Ferrari proved to be too quick for PoloSF, even for PoloSF's captain Toto Socas (first cousin to Adolpho Cambiaso) and former Team USPA player Collin White, playing the No. 2 position. Going into the last chukker, Ferrari was ahead. A couple of Penalty 2s and 3s that went wide of their mark could have evened the score. The final score was 5-3 in favor of Ferrari. The second game pitted Taqueada, led by 5-goal Martin Tassara, against Cerro Pampa, captained by Alfredo Goti. Both teams moved the ball well, and Tassara, playing No. 4, was able to staunchly defend his goal. This meant solid team play by Cerro Pampa's Goti and Crotto close to goal was often broken up at the last second. Taqueada was also able to score two goals in quick succession from the mid-field line-up. Kennedy, Desenzani and Jack Ziegler were also quick to ride to loosely- marked positions ready to receive and carry forward for Taqueada. In the end, despite the valiant efforts of Cerro Pampa's Argentine 3-goalers (Goti and Crotto) to even the score late in the game, Taqueada ended victorious, winning 5-3. Sunday was a new day, and much cooler than the 90-degree-plus field temperature the day before. In Game 3, PoloSF faced off against Cerro Pampa. Cerro Pampa, playing with a new lease of life, was quick to match each goal scored by the opposition, and so the game was no more than one goal apart for the first three chukkers. Attempts by PoloSF to defend sure goals resulted in a couple of Penalty 2s late in the fourth, making the difference. When the horn sounded, Cerro Pampa found itself going down in defeat, 9-6. The final game was introduced by a procession of Ferrari's, one of the tournament sponsors. For the many spectators, it was difficult to decide on the more beautiful sight and who had the greater horsepower. Was it eight beautiful cantering ponies ready for battle or a bevy of immaculate Ferrari's in hot pursuit? Both polo teams had PoloSF's Vladimir Rivkin, John Ziegler, Jaime Restrepo and Hernan Agote, with Alfredo Goti, center, won the SF Polo Classic. Papa Polo's Vladimir Rivkin, Jack Ziegler, Jaime Restrepo and Hernan Agote, with John Ziegler, center, and Alfredo Goti, right ANJADPHOTOGRPAHY.COM WWW.TIBORBRAND.COM ©COPYRIGHT 2018

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