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P O L O R E P O R T 54 POLO P L A Y E R S E D I T I O N 8-goal Rincon League, which includes four tournaments. Why Not (Hana Grill, Jim Wright, Santi Trotz/Santi Wulff, Jef Graham) led from start to finish over Novis Insurance (Ivan Weiss, Julio Zavaleta, Maco Llambias, Milan Nebuchla). Jim Wright got the scoring started with a Penalty 3 conversion for Why Not, overcoming the one-goal handicap given to Novis. Hana Grill added to the Why Not score with a pair of goals, ending the first chukker 3- 1. Jef Graham added a goal in the second and Wright sunk a Penalty 4, giving Why Not a 5-1 advantage. Julio Zavaleta broke Novis' scoring drought to stay in the game. An injury kept Santiago Trotz from continuing, so Santiago Wulff replaced him in the third. Maco Llambias cut the deficit to two on a Penalty 3 conversion, but goals by Wright and Wulff made the spread four goals, 7-3, at the half. Grill started the scoring in the fourth, but Zavaleta answered. Grill struck again early in the fifth and Wright turned up the heat, scoring three in a row to take a 12-4 lead to end the chukker. Novis fought back in the sixth, with Weiss, Zavaleta and Llambias combining for four goals in reply while holding Why Not scoreless, but the damage had been done and Why Not took the trophies on the 12-8 victory. Hana Grill was named MVP and Llambias' second chukker pony, Venturino, was Best Playing Pony. In the consolation rounds, Cancha de las Estrellas (Sarah Magness, Joe Henderson, Mariano Fassetta, Mia Bray) took on Gainesway (Cory Williams, JW Hall, Andrew Beck, Juan Monteverde), and Whitehall Ranch (Paquito de Narvaez, Mariano Iniguez, Facundo Obregon, Bill Lane) faced Klentner Ranch (J. Contreras/ Elizabeth Humphreys, Luke Klentner, Jake Klentner, Jesse Bray). Two weeks later, on July 28, Farmers Merchant Bank (Charlie Walker, Benjamin Avendano, Santi Wulff, Leigh Brecheen) defeated Whitehall Ranch (Paquito de Narvaez, Mariano Ineguez, Facundo Obregon, Bill Lane), 13-10, in the final of the Summerland Cup, the second tournament in the Rincon League. Six teams divided into two brackets, playing a cross-bracket format, dueled off over 10 days for a spot in the final. It was a high-scoring game riddled with fouls. Farmers Merchant Bank began with a handicap goal and added to it with a Penalty 3 conversions. Facundo Obregon sunk back-to-back goals to level the score, but Avendano hammered in another Penalty 3. Obregon replied with a Penalty 4 but Santi Wulff got the last word with a Penalty 6 to give FMB a 5-3 advantage. Avendano split the uprights early in the second, but Obregon answered with a Penalty 6. FMB was awarded a Penalty 1 and Brecheen scored on a drive downfield to double up Whitehall's score, 8-4. Wulff sunk a Penalty 2 but missed on a Penalty 4, ending the first half 9-4. Whitehall regrouped at the half and Obregon shot through a pair of goals wrapped around one from Avendano. Charlie Walker found the goal to start the fifth. Later, FMB missed on a Penalty 4 but hit the target with a Penalty 3. Paco de Narvaez sunk a Penalty 3, and another Penalty 4 from FMB went wide, ending the chukker 12- 7. Obregon scored twice, interrupted only by an Avendano goal, cutting the deficit to four. De Narvaez shot through the last goal but Whitehall ran out of time before it was able to get any closer. Benjamin Avendano, who scored seven goals, was named MVP and Bill Lane's Mouse wore the Best Playing Pony blanket. Facundo Obregon scored a game-high eight goals in the losing effort. In the consolation matches, Barrossa (Hana Grill, Jim Wright, Santiago Trotz, Jef Graham) defeated Novis Insurance (Ivan Weiss, Maco Llambias, Julio Zavaleta, Milan Nebuchla) and Gainesway (Cory Williams, JW Hall, Andrew Beck, Juan Monteverde) defeated Klentner Ranch (J. Contreras/Elizabeth Humphreys, Luke Klentner, Jake Klentner, Jesse Bray). In 16-goal action, Lucchese edged Restoration Hardware, 14-13, in a down- to-the-wire final of the Robert Skene Lucchese's Jeff Hall, Facundo Obregon, John Muse, Toly Ulloa and Luke Klentner won the Robert Skene Trophy. FMB's Charlie Walker, Benjamin Avendano, Santi Wulff and Leigh Brecheen won the Summerland Cup. DAVID LOMINSKA/POLOGRAPHICS.COM

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