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OCT 2018

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POLO P L A Y E R S E D I T I O N 15 half of your Penalty 4s? •Did the other team score while anyone on your team was changing horses? •Are all your players handicapped properly? •Did all your horses (the pro's horses at least) play to their potential? Did you ride singles and school them the evening before the game? •Are the pro's horses appropriate for their handicap (is your 6-goaler playing 4- goal horses, did he just sell his best horse or did he sell the patron a bunch of 2-goal horses at 10-goal prices only to find out that he had to play the same horses the next season? Oops! I have seen all of these. •Is your team communicating seamlessly (is everyone getting the tail shots they are calling for and so forth)? •Are you and your teammates being responsible for your pre-game performance factors (what are you eating, drinking, smoking, taking the day before the game? Are you sleeping enough? •Are you in shape (yeah, you know what I mean)? Taking extreme ownership of yourself and your team means addressing all these issues in a positive way and on a consistent basis. If you are doing all this and playing smart (like we talked about) then I doubt you're losing very often. But, if you do lose by a goal, and there was a bad call against your team, and no bad calls against the opposing team, then yes, it was the umpires' fault. I'm not talking about what you tell your boss, go ahead and tell him or her that it was the umpires' fault to save your job. That's fine, that's business. I'm talking about what you tell yourself when nobody is around. That's what I care about. Be honest with yourself and allow room for growth. You will find a little introspection and an honest effort to raise your game by taking responsibility for as many of these issues as you can, will translate boldly into great results on the field. If you ever have a chance to chat with any of the greats of polo, they will all tell you that winning begins long before the first bowl in. I challenge you to be the best version of yourself—no excuses. Dana Fortugno is a USPA Umpire. He is a former 5-goal player as well as a former trial lawyer. NANO'S POLO MALLETS CUSTOM MADE MALLETS Professional and Prompt Mallet Repair Service Tipa Wood Heads Wide Selection of Canes We heads for repair We have light mallets for NEW MALLETS IN STOCK OPEN YEAR-AROUND We honor Visa/Mastercard/AMX 3500 Fairlane Farms Road Suite # Wellington, FL 33414 www.polomallets.com info@polomallets.com (800)903-NANO (6266) Tel: (561) 793-4911 Fax: (561) 793-4714 Winning begins before the first bowl in. Don't blame the umpires, instead make it a point to take responsibility for yourself. Allowing room for growth will translate into great results on the field.

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