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OCT 2018

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horses and polo. Everything with Adam is more professional, elevated. Probably the biggest shock was getting used to the travel aspect, the gypsy life. Every two months we pack up and move. I was used to Maryland where we have the outdoor and indoor league all based out of my mom's facility. LH: What are you personal goals in polo over the next five years? MW: I would like to be the highest ranked women's handicap player. I want to be at the top of my game in women's polo, not just in the United States, but all over the world. That's my ideal goal. LH: What female player do you look up to? MW: Sunny Hale has always been my idol. She is American, she played in the U.S. Open with Adolfo Cambiaso, she has played with Adam Snow, she is obviously one of my heroes. I was able to play with her a couple times—once in New York, (Saratoga) and once in Florida. LH: What would be your dream team to play with for a woman's tournament? MW: Probably Sunny Hale, Nina Clarkin, and Hazel Jackson. The best ones. LH: What is your plan for the rest of the [year]? MW: Head back to school, back to arena polo for another year. Once I graduate I'll be out in the world and hopefully play some polo. LH: What are some of your favorite aspects of Team USPA? MW: The mentorship program and being able to compete in WCT tournaments, specifically the [U.S. Women's] Open in Houston. LH: What is your biggest take away from your time in the mentorship program ? MW: Probably horse management was my best take away from this summer. You can't only rely on having one great horse you play every game. Obviously, you have your favorites in the string but you have to evenly play each horse, and make sure you have a balanced string. The program is great. Team USPA has helped me a lot. I've made a lot of great connections through the program in the past year. POLO P L A Y E R S E D I T I O N 23 DANNY'S TACK SHOP Danny's Tack Shop also offers a complete line of products for all your polo needs. 70 Clinton Street • Tully, New York 13159 Phone/Fax 315-696-8036 • E-mail: dannypolo@aol.com Marcos Heguy Saddle Olathe Boots—$279 Chukker Bridle complete w/bit Gag—$399 Pelham—$359 Also available in Havana Leather American Express, Mastercard & Visa accepted $ 695. 00 This suede saddle has a steel- reinforced tree which is lined with latex rubber panels to assure comfort and an excellent fit for both player and horse.

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