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OCT 2018

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POLO P L A Y E R S E D I T I O N 41 main objectives that current president Eduardo Novillo Astrada was drawn to when he assumed Dorignac's role on May 30, 2017. Within a few weeks, he managed to convince the IOC to allow polo as sports exhibition together with squash. "Returning polo to the Olympic program was one of our three priorities. We wanted to honor our sporting history and show the Olympic world a unique scenario like Palermo's court. That is why we offered to carry out a participatory tournament with young people from all over the world," said Novillo Astrada when the IOC decision was confirmed on July 6, 2017. To achieve the IOC's approval, the performance of Gerardo Werthein—the head of the organization of Buenos Aires 2018 and a member of the IOC—was vital. "It was impossible to think of a multi- sport competition in Buenos Aires and not include a sport like polo and a scenario like Palermo that are paradigmatic for the Argentineans. We want the YOG to serve to bring more children and young people to the sport and polo could not be outside the proposal. When we raised their inclusion to the IOC, they were highly favorable for the magnificent environment that is Palermo—in the middle of Buenos Aires—and for the possibility to demonstrate a purely local sport," explained Werthein, who comes from the equitation discipline. While the competition will not give official medals, as will happen with 32 other sports, the AAP and the Federation of International Polo see the YOG as a remarkable opportunity to regain space on the Olympic calendar. The day of activity will be Wednesday, Oct. 10, with an exhibition format since there will be no competition for medals. The Cathedral of Palermo will open its doors in the morning to host a series of recreational activities for the public on Field 2, in order to popularize polo and give many their first direct experience with the sport. In the afternoon, players of both sexes, between 14 and 18 years old, coming from different countries will form quartets that will face each other alternately in an exhibition at Field 1. As in the first two Olympic appearances, they will play mixed polo, without respect to nationalities or sex. In addition to local players that have already expressed their interest to be part of the group, young people from USA, Great Britain, Australia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Italy and Switzerland will participate. Players from Mexico, France, Germany, India, Malaysia and Thailand are also likely. The organization will be a joint effort between FIP and AAP. In fact, the AAP will provide accommodation for the players and horses necessary to play the scheduled matches. CLICK POLO CLICK POLO Young players give a polo demonstration to promote the Youth Olympic Games in Argentina this month. Numerous countries are expected to participate. Teams will be made up of players of mixed nationalities, both girls and boys, between 14 and 18 years old.

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