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OCT 2018

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44 POLO P L A Y E R S E D I T I O N Penalty 2s for Burger King and Zac scored both goals for Toby's Resort. A coin toss decided that the Chukka team (Fred Farquharson, Fabi Byles, Catie Stueck and Ava Hinkson) would play Burger King for the second section. The already warm Burger King team jumped out to an early lead with two goals by Patricio. Ava scored to bring Chukka back in to the game but the clock ran out before they could equalize. Pressure was then on Toby's in the final section against Chukka as anything less than a win would hand the game to the Burger King team. Zac and Chris scored to take the lead, but Catie scored for Chukka, leveling the win/draw/loss record, goal differential and total goals scored by Burger King. Chris then pushed the ball through the posts at the very end to grab the win for Toby's Resort. Lesley Fong-Yee presented third place Chukka with their Casablanca prizes, while StAPC president, Johnny McFarlane, awarded prizes to the runner-up Burger King team and JPA president, The Hon. Dennis Lalor, presented the Burger King Trophy and Casablanca prizes to the winners. Cipi Echezarreta was the MVP of the round robin while Zac Byles was named MVP of the winning team and Andrew Lewis' Popeye, played by Cipi, was awarded the Best Playing Pony ribbon and Nutramix halter. Greg and Ava Hinkson then thanked the Jamaicans and handed out beautifully carved cutting boards to the key individuals and families involved. Shane Chin, who coordinated the entire event, received rousing three cheers to inadequately express the intense gratitude from everyone present. Burger King has sponsored the event for the last 14 years with the aim to help develop youth players in Jamaica. It is also involved in developing youth in many other sports. A Jamaican Adventure by Ava Hinkson As I walked off the plane into the hot Jamaica airport, my first thought was, "I'm finally here!" And as I watched my dad gather the luggage and mallet bags it occurred to me how blessed I am to have a dad with such great friends in the polo world. Those great friends where so accommodating and I learned so much from them these past few months. I was ecstatic when I reached out to Lesely-Ann Masterson Fong-Yee and she introduced me to Shane Chin. Shane is a great guy with a big personality, huge smile and a passion for polo. They trusted me to take on this huge responsibility to plan a junior trip abroad. When I was first invited to bring a team to Jamaica, I started thinking of players I loved to play with. I then went to a lineup that could possibly sweep the score board with unrivaled talent. In the end my thoughts cleared, and I settled with my fellow newly-elected PTF Junior National Board members and a couple of non-member backups. I'm glad to say it worked out perfectly. We spent the first night in Jamaica handing out jerseys, playing with foot mallets, and organizing strategies. We Zachery Byles, Ava Hinkson, Catie Stueck, Jack Whitman, Chris Owen, Cipi Echezarreta, Cameron Wates, Conrad Chin, Patricio Fraga-Errecart, Freddie Farquharson and Frank Hart competed in the Burger King tournament and became fast friends.

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