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OCT 2018

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POLO P L A Y E R S E D I T I O N 59 and have been legged up for a minimum of three weeks," she said. Chiropractic care usually boasts immediate results for your horses after adjustments and when horses are rested following the adjustments. Massey recommends giving horses 12 to 24 hours of turnout following treatment to allow the adjustment time to set deeper as riding during this time could potentially disrupt what was adjusted. Massey has the greatest success with her horse patients that are adjusted on a quarterly basis as chiropractic care, when used proactively, will help prevent injuries and enhance performance. For acute cases, weekly adjustments are necessary to enhance the healing process. "The longterm compound effects of wellness adjustments in my patients have shown those animals are less prone to injury because they have better balance and muscular symmetry," said Massey. Massey strongly advocates chiropractic care for both her human and equine patients as a great preventative technique for maintaining overall health and wellness. It was after sustaining a debilitating back injury while competing for the Texas A&M polo team during her undergraduate education that Massey experienced the miracle of what chiropractic can offer. A local chiropractor was able to get Massey back in the saddle, and within a few weeks competing at the National Intercollegiate Championships. Massey was so motivated by overcoming this milestone in her life that she switched her career path and has since dedicated her life to promoting wellness through chiropractic care. "Chiropractic is just a piece of the puzzle that has been instrumental in maintaining my optimal health and the health of the horses that I treat," Massey explained. Holistic medicine, incorporating alternative, minimally invasive therapies in combination with conventional western medicine, is not only revolutionizing human healthcare, but also offers the same prosperity available for our equine counterparts. Many are searching for balanced healthcare where doctors are analyzing their entire picture, searching for the cause of an issue and not simply making a bandaid treatment. Oddly enough, we look to the future of healthcare only to discover treatment modalities that have been used successfully for thousands of years. We only limit our horses and their overall welfare if we create boundaries that solely utilize the treatment modalities offered by western medicine. Consider adopting a holistic approach for your horses' healthcare. With appropriate veterinary guidance, chiropractic and acupuncture can offer incredible opportunities for our equine partners. Dr. Amanda Massey recommends 12 to 24 hours of turnout after an adjustment for it to set deeper. Riding could potentially disrupt what was adjusted. Weekly adjustments may be necessary to enhance the healing process after injury. (continued from page 17)

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