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DEC 2018

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POLO P L A Y E R S E D I T I O N 21 POLOWEEN Club celebrates Halloween polo style AT THE LAKESIDE POLO CLUB in Lakeside, California, the Saturday before Halloween is reserved for Poloween! That's the day when players of all ages and their ponies get costumed and painted to parade and play polo. This year, Oct. 27 was no exception as two dozen club members rode in and lined up for the photo shoot. The rules are that you must play in your costume (or most of it) and helmet for at least one chukker. Following 10 chukkers of spirited play in costume, the horses were tacked down, washed, given their treats and the players retired to the Pepper Tree Cantina to mingle, sample and judge the chili cookoff. After serious consideration, the judges announced the results of the costume and chili competition: •Best Costumed Lady winner was Laura Lilly as the Headless Horseman who was cut some slack so she could wear her helmet on the field. •Kip Hering, the Gladiator, was Best Costumed Dude with a feather plumed helmet that spooked his horse Machito. •Kim Foy, the green Praying Mantis (I thought she was Kermit the Frog) rode her decorated pony, Berrendo (it's Spanish for a Prong Horned Antelope), who won Best Dressed Pony. •The Greg and Norah Hanson Family with their cute little girls, Liv and Lila, were named the Best Costumed Kiddos. Three-year-old Liv said I was old. She's right! •The tastiest Poloween chili cookoff prize went to Nancy Kral by popular acclaim. Also by popular acclaim, the Bankhead family was thanked for carrying on the Poloween tradition and maintaining the Lakeside Polo Club for us all to enjoy. We're looking forward to next year! —Kip Hering Kip Hering, as a gladiator, won Best Costumed Dude, while Laura Lilly, the Headless Horseman, won Best Costumed Lady. Greg, Liv, Norah and Lila Hanson. Liv and Lila were named the Best Costumed Kiddos. Kim Foy, dressed as a praying mantis, rode her pony, Berrendo, who was named Best Dressed Pony. Lakeside Polo Club members line up for the annual Poloween photo. Later they competed in 10 spirited chukkers, took care of their ponies then retired to the Pepper Tree Cantina for the Chili Cookoff.

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