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DEC 2018

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POLO P L A Y E R S E D I T I O N 41 gave equal difference to Fasta San Jose, beat it 9-4½. The autumn rains generated in the closing of April and the beginning of May forced to defer the final five months until Monday, Sept. 10 when Palermo opened its doors to almost a thousand teenagers to witness the final of this event. In the main event, Los Robles Azul—located in Pilar, the navel of Argentina's polo—presented a change to its original line up when Lucas Criado Jr. entered in place of Candelaria Fernández Araujo, raising the team's valuation a goal (8), which should have given 1½ goals to St. Catherine's Moorlands A. The team from the high school based in Belgrano (one of the classic Buenos Aires neighborhoods) knew how to keep the advantage and extend it during the match's five chukkers. When the final bell rang, St. Catherine's Moorlands A won 5½-3, giving the school its 12th title in its history, the first since 2010. "It is a great joy to witness this historic game together with my dad, in which Cruz maintains a family tradition together with the children of good friends. It is an unforgettable day for all," acknowledged Eduardo Heguy, one of the best backs in the history of this sport. After the match, Mía Novillo Astrada was recognized as the second woman to win this trophy. Camila Rossi won it in 2010 with the same school. "It was a beautiful sight to see so many buddies in the stands. The school authorities allowed them to miss and they came to give us their support," acknowledged the young woman who, along with Javier Guerrero, received Fair Play awards. The subsidiary Copa Zeus capped off the competition. Miguel Di Gerónimo school (Máximo Lanz, Salvador Arrastúa, Ignacio Arbelbide and Juan de Giovanángelo) clashed against Escuela del Alba (Teo Antonio, Teodoro Lacau, Facundo Solimano and Santiago Barbieri). The Miguel Di Gerónimo school—based in the city of Trenque Lauquen, one of the main producers of talents in Argentina–won 5-3½ despite having given 1½ goals to the city of Lincoln's Escuela del Alba, thanks to the leadership of Ignacio Arbelbide, the highest-rated player on the court. SERGIO LLAMERA St. Catherine's Moorlands A: 6 Mía Novillo Astrada 0 Alejandro Agote Jr. 3 Cruz Heguy 1 Nicolás Diaz Alberdi 2 Los Robles Azul: 7 Lucio Gallegos 1 Tomás Schwencke 2 Candelaria Fernández Araujo 0 Javier Guerrero 4 Alt. Lucas Criado 1 Miguel Di Gerónimo: 3 Máximo Lanz 0 Salvador Arrastúa 0 Ignacio Arbelbide 3 Juan de Giovanángelo 0 Escuela del Alba: 1 Facundo Solimano 0 Santiago Barbieri 0 Teodoro Lacau 1 Teo Antonio 0 Oakhill: 5 Tomás Allende 1 Ciro Riveiro. 0 Bautista Riglos 2 Enrique Martín 2 Fasta San José: 4 Facundo Frayssinet 0 Bautista Alberdi 1 Santiago Harriott 1 Marcos Harriott 2 Los Robles Bordeaux: 2 Santiago Adaro 0 Joaquín Llambías 0 Matías Mac Donough Jr. 0 Federico Martín 1 Cardenal Newman A: 1 Fernando Balmaceda 0 Enrique Miralles 0 Javier Uranga 0 Santiago Di Paola 1 St. Andrews: 1 Mateo Fiorito 1 Iván Grozovsky 0 Luca Moretti 0 Francesca Moretti 0 Colegio del Pilar: 0 Bianca Pagano 0 Hilario Gallegos 0 Tomás Bayugar 0 Felipe Gallegos 0 Cardenal Newman B: 0 Juan de Ezcurra 0 Luca Martignone 0 Pedro Bosch 0 José María Díaz Herrera 0 St. Catherine's Moorlands B: 0 Lucas Ferrari Torres 0 Fernando Hernández 0 Santiago Mignaquy 0 Facundo Goti 0 Cruz Heguy outpaces the opponents in the final of the Santa Paula Cup.

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