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DEC 2018

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6 POLO P L A Y E R S E D I T I O N Award Nominations The USPA Equine Welfare Committee has opened nominations for the 2018 Clint Nangle Equine Welfare Award to the USPA membership. Nominees are required to be current USPA members who demonstrate excellence in the field of equine welfare. Established in 2014, this national award is presented annually and aims to highlight an individual who dedicates his or her time and energy to caring for and being an advocate for our equine partners. To nominate a member, please contact Lindsay Dolan at ldolan@uspolo.org. Nominations are now open for USPA Woman of the Year. Despite the USPA's 128-year history, it has only been in the last 46 years that women have been offi- cially accepted as playing members of the association. The USPA Women's Commit- tee recognizes the many female influ- ences throughout the sport of polo and now annually identifies one woman with- in the sport. Both the Polo Training Foundation and the USPA Intercolle- giate/Interscholastic programs award female player of the year awards. The USPA Woman of the Year award is not just for players. Members of the USPA Women's Committee feel polo is not only about the players but those who support and help grow the sport. The committee members hope to see women nominated that serve as role models—women whose selflessness, passion and drive have con- tributed to the sport for the greater good of the polo community. The USPA Women's Committee is opening up nomi- nations for the 2019 Woman of the Year Award to the entire membership. To nom- inate a member, please contact Lindsay Dolan at ldolan@uspolo.org. Membership Renewal It is that time of year again! Renew your USPA membership for 2019. The fastest and most efficient way to renew your membership is through the USPA website (www.uspolo.org). To ensure your membership benefits continue uninter- rupted, please renew no later than December 31. When renewing, please ensure your contact information, includ- ing your email and mailing address is cur- rent. If you require a paper renewal, please send a request to membership@uspolo.org. Frequently asked questions: Why can't I pay my membership by phone? The USPA requires every member to accept the "Terms and Conditions." This can be done quickly by logging onto the member portal on uspolo.org or by mail- ing in the completed membership renew- al forms. Why can't two members use the same email? Our membership database uses e-mail addresses as a unique identifier. All infor- mation, such as handicap, member status and club affiliation is tied to an email address and cannot be used for another member. How do I obtain a handicap? To obtain a USPA handicap, the dele- gate at the club with which you are affili- ated must send a recommendation via email to handicaps@uspolo.org. This rec- ommendation is then sent to the circuit handicap chairman and national handi- cap chairman for approval. How long does it take to obtain a hand- icap? A handicap takes up to two weeks to be obtained. If you plan on playing in a USPA tournament, please make sure to allow sufficient time to receive a con- firmed handicap. 2019 Tournaments Now is the time to plan for 2019 USPA tournaments at your club. Submit applica- tions as soon as possible, and no less than one month prior to the event for process- ing, approval and to ensure timely delivery of awards. Download tournament applications at uspolo.org by going to the "Association" tab, then clicking on "Programs" and scrolling down to the "Forms and Docu- ments" section. Applications may be emailed to tournaments@uspolo.org or faxed to (888) 391-7410. The USPA offers several benefits for hosting a USPA tournament: •Awards provided for circuit and national tournaments •Promotional assistance provided through electronic mail, web and social media •Umpire reimbursement through USPA Umpires, LLC. For more informa- tion, contact Maggie Mitchell, umpire manager at mmitchell@uspolo.org. •Published results in USPA Bluebook •Arena Incentive Program for select USPA arena events Any questions regarding the tourna- ment process may be directed to tourna- ments@uspolo.org. Exclusive Discounts The USPA is pleased to announce two trophy suppliers, Sterling Cut Glass and Nominations are open for Equine Welfare Award and Woman of the Year.

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