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32 I/I MAGAZINE - 2019 me responsibility and increased my respect for our partners on the field. The next chapter of my polo career was the discovery of NYTS tournaments. My dad and I would travel to one or two out-of-state NYTS tournaments each year as they correlated with his business trip schedule. We would rent horses and make the new city our home for the weekend. In 4 years, I have participated in 12 NYTS tournaments all over the country. From this amazing program, I learned to be flexible. Playing in new places, on unfamiliar horses, and often with a team of new faces, forces you to leave your comfort zone and embrace the possibilities of the unknown. I learned to welcome change. I loved playing in the NYTS tournaments and am fortunate enough to have competed in 2 championships. At these tournaments, the competition is fierce and formidable. You have to be at your best for both games in order to pull off a win. It is crucial to adjust quickly and be a team player. The NYTS Championships were an amazing opportunity to grow as a player that can play as a team, not an individual and improve your skills in the game. The two life lessons I gained from this is to capitalize on every opportunity to grow and to not play selfishly. The common thread in polo is to be grateful. You must be grateful for the dedicated grooms (thank you, Tibo), the horses, the clubs, the other players, the sponsors and as a young player, your parents. I am excited that my polo continues to improve. This year I had the opportunity to play 8 goal in Santa Barbara and a few WCT'S. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement and challenge of it all, but polo teaches you the importance of stepping back and being thankful. I am in college now at the University of Southern California and I know I will be challenged, but with the foundation established from my family that polo reinforced, I like to think I am prepared. By no means do I have it completely together, but through the horses I've ridden, the coaches I have learned from, the experiences that have shaped me, and the friends that have grounded me, I am optimistic about my future on the field and in life. I feel so lucky to play such an amazing sport. CHUKKER BREAK La Loma Polo Club Villa Cannales, Guatemala Since 2003, the Molina family has played arena polo at La Loma Polo Club. After a decade of playing arena seasons, the club expanded to become an equestrian facility as well, bringing along with it new potential polo players. In 2015, the Waldorf School opened next door to La Loma Polo Club and provided us with even more potential riders and players. We have been a part of the USPA as the arena facility for Las Canchas Polo Club (and affiliate club) for 5 years. We have hosted the National Delegates Cup and interscholastic games against Being the Change since 2014. Our interscholastic team has participated in the Central Preliminary in 2016 and 2018, and this year we hope to be even more successful as our team has developed with the help of Coach Sebastian Aycinena, a Team USPA Player and a USPA Certified Polo Instructor. We are proud to be joining the USPA this year as an independent club with both arena and outdoor fields. We are also excited to have two interscholastic teams playing at our facility.

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