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35 I/I MAGAZINE - 2019 W hen I started polo on my grandfather's Santa Fe ranch at about eleven years old, I never could have dreamt of the places the sport would take me. For the longest time I thought that I had to choose between polo and pursuing a career. I later realized this was not the case. In my second year of high school, Silicon Valley's first interscholastic team, Woodside Horse Park Polo, was started. It exposed me to other people my age who shared my same passion, but more importantly, showed me where I could go with the sport. We played out of the same club as the Stanford Polo Team; all players I looked up to. From that first year on I knew that I wanted to play for a college team. Starting polo at Skidmore College, I imagined that I would enjoy playing my favorite sport with schools in the north east. Now in my senior year, I look back on all the incredible experiences and places the sport has shown me. Each one far from what I imagined. None of them will ever compare to representing the United States on the 2018 International Intercollegiate Team and playing against Great Britain. The team met up for the first time in the airport for our flight to London. The only person I already knew was Ben Lynch. We had played against each other back when he played for the University of Connecticut (now for University of Kentucky). I had heard of Devan Groves because she is a huge asset to Oklahoma State Polo. My coach from Skidmore, Will Orthwein, had told me lots about JT Shiverick from Southern Methodist University. He was confident that our team would be a force to be reckoned with. Last but not least, Amy Fraser, the I/I program director had organized the team, represented the USPA, and coached us throughout the whole trip. Upon arrival in England, we made our way to the bed and breakfast by the Rugby Polo Club, north of London. It was exactly how I imagined the English countryside; rolling green hills, sheep, a thatched roof towns, and grazing horses. Soon we would see the club and meet our opponents. The club had the largest arena polo complex I had ever seen. I had also not seen so many teams and players in one place at a time. Our game was amongst SUPA's (Schools & University Polo A s s o c i a t i o n ) enormous National I n t e r c o l l e g i a t e tournament. To my surprise, there were many familiar faces across the pond. My old teammate from the Bay Area, Charlie Campbell, Harvard Polo alum Danielle Lussi, and several British players I had played with in China. On one of our days off we planned to meet up with my friend, Danielle Lussi, so she could show us around London. She asked me if the team and I would want to see the Household Cavalry. I did not exactly know what this entailed but we of course said yes. I was expecting to see some horses in a big barn and being taken around by a tour guide. Little did I know that Danielle's friend and fellow Harvard Polo alum, Albany Mulholland, was a captain of a troop for the Queen's royal cavalry. He showed us every inch of the facility, the farrier's shop, tack rooms, and locker rooms where we got to wear their massive helmets and hold swords. I "I remember, back on my grandfather's ranch, him telling me that polo would become a defining part of my life, take me across the globe, and give me lifelong friends and connections." Aaron Schnieder - Skidmore - '19 INTERNATIONAL INTERCOLLEGIATE CHALLENGE CUP USPA I/I vs SUPA Britain

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