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58 I/I MAGAZINE - 2019 Sophie are part of my dream team. I have so much confidence and trust in them and their abilities and I know they feel the same about me. We work hard together on and off the field. Playing together and being successful brings a sense of pride to our family and strengthens an already unbreakable bond. Unlike a typical team that may have chemistry but only lasts for a few seasons, we have the rest of our lives to play together. While my favorite memories are the small things that I experience with my sisters, the most rewarding experience of our careers together was sweeping the U.S. Women's Arena Handicap this past October, with the win, MVP, and BPP. Even though Abbie, Sophie, and I hadn't played together since Nationals in April, the audience couldn't tell. We won our semifinal 17-12 and final 17-9. It was a testament not only to our dedication to preparing ourselves and our own horses well, but to our parents for being as committed to our dreams as we are. They work tirelessly to give us the best horses, coaching, and support system we could possibly ask for, allowing to inspire young girls in the sport of polo. As Abbie said after our Arena Handicap win, "You see a lot of brothers, fathers and cousins playing together because the big polo families are mostly men. We are a team of all women, three sisters, who can play together at the highest level, perform well together and accomplish goals together and that is really powerful for little girls to see." Thank you for your love and support, we couldn't do it without you! I would like to give a quick but sincere thank you to Kelly Wells! Without your coaching, dedication, and facilities, we would not be where we are today. Good luck to Abbie, Sophie, Catie, and Olivia this I/I season! I will be cheering you on every step of the way! Maddie, Abbie, and Sophie Grant during the Finals of the 2018 USPA Girls' National Interscholastic Championship. MIKE RYAN

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