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FEB 2019

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POLO P L A Y E R S E D I T I O N 47 In the 1-goal final played on the same day, Vashon (Kim Berman, Stephanie Davidson, Karen Reese, Juan Martin Gutierrez) faced Flaming Chickens (Devin Gallemore, Elise Pardue, Hayward Pardue, Ricardo Garcia). Flaming Chickens began with a half-goal handicap and Pardue added to it with the first score of the match. Reese responded, putting Vashon on the board. Reese added another early in the third and Gutierrez hit the mark to put Vashon ahead 3-1½. In the third, Gallemore and Davidson traded goals to maintain the difference. Flaming Chickens pecked away at the deficit in the final period, first on a goal by Elise Pardue then on a shot from Hayward Pardue to take the half-goal edge, 4½-4. Time ran out and Flaming Chickens took the trophies. In preseason arena play, players were welcomed to Calhoun Ranch, a new facility complete with an arena and grass polo field for the Desert Challenge on Dec. 2. The teams competed in a practice match the previous day. Fawkes Engineering (Clair Jenkins, Andy Schnoebelen, Craig Russell) took on Great Scott! (Scott Hartzel, Ella Bonilla, Manny Rodriguez). Great Scott! began with a one-goal handicap and a defensive first chukker left the teams otherwise scoreless. Bonilla made the first tally in the second but Schnoebelen responded for Fawkes. Jenkins scored a lone goal in the third, overcoming the handicap and tying the score at 2-2. Schnoebelen managed to slip by Rodriguez and slammed in two in a row in the fourth chukker to double up the score, 4-2. Great Scott! fought back with a goal by Bonilla but ran out of time, giving Fawkes the victory. Fawkes carried its momentum into the Coyote Cup round robin a week later, albeit with a new lineup. The first two chukkers pitted Great Scott! (Scott Hartzel, Craig Russell, Chris Chun) against Fawkes Engineering (Ian Schnoebelen, Andy Schnoebelen, Bonnie Magill). Chun put the first two goals on the board for the Great Scott! team, adding to its one-goal handicap, for an early 3-0 lead. Ian Schnoebelen answered with a score for Fawkes, ending the first chukker 3-1. In the second chukker, Chun followed his own long shot to tap it in for a goal. Fawkes Bonnie Magill stopped several goals and managed to steal the ball and hit the target. Ian Schnoebelen scored again, but Great Scott! ended up on top 4-3. Fawkes Engineering stayed up and took on the new rival team, Spokane (Alyssa Garcia, Megan Roux and P O L O R E P O R T Evergreen Polo's Tom Sprung, Quinn Evans, Carlitos Galindo and Taylor Freeman won the 4-goal Stagecoach Challenge. Flaming Chickens' Elise Pardue, Hayward Pardue, Ricardo Garcia and Devin Gallemore won the 1-goal tournament at Empire. JIM BREMNER/JFBPHOTOS.COM JIM BREMNER/JFBPHOTOS.COM Fawkes Engineering's Craig Russell, Andy Schnoebelen and Clair Jenkins won the Desert Challenge Arena tournament. Fawkes Engineering's Andy Schnoebelen, Bonnie Magill and Ian Schnoebelen won the Coyote Cup round robin. JIM BREMNER/JFBPHOTOS.COM JIM BREMNER/JFBPHOTOS.COM

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