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FEB 2019

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Zenni began accompanying his father to stick and ball sessions, and by the age of 10, he was hooked on polo. By 2017, he was considered a rising talent in the sport, having appeared in key matches in Santa Barbara, Palm Beach and Argentina. His significant contributions to his team's win at the 2018 U.S. Open Polo Champi- onship—the highest-rated polo tourna- ment in the U.S.—solidified his role as one of the sport's most important athletes. Equine Welfare As winter polo seasons are in full swing on both coasts, all USPA members and players are reminded to review the USPA Drugs and Medications Rules and Regula- tions. The Medication Testing Program resumed in 2018 and will continue at all levels of play moving forward in 2019. It is the responsibility of each member to familiarize themselves with the rules and also to be aware of the medication condi- tion of the horses they are playing. The player of any horse selected for testing is the responsible party for the test results. This is particularly important if you are borrowing, leasing or just trying a horse. The USPA Medication Policy is a very reasonable format and is not structured to eliminate medications from being used. It does follow a balanced and accepted set of standards for judicious use of medications that have been adjusted for the demands of polo while at the same time are tailored to protect the welfare of our polo ponies. Please read over the guidelines on the USPA website, uspolo.org. As a reminder and to eliminate any confusion, anabolic steroids are prohibited substances and not permitted for administration. Players should pay particular attention to the herbal supplement section of the rules as many of these products are not regulated and their components cannot be com- pletely verified. Any use of these products is done so at the players own risk. Addi- tionally, any cannabis derivative product, including CBC formulations, at this time are considered a prohibited substance and players should be aware that they may trigger a positive test result if used. The testing protocol has been modified and refined over the last year. Each team to be tested will be met by a USPA repre- sentative before the game and the proce- dure will be explained. Horses will be selected and identified by testing person- nel during the game. All horses selected will be brought to a designated and marked testing area immediately follow- ing the conclusion of the game where blood samples will be drawn by the testing veterinarians. Every effort will be made to make this testing go smoothly and quick- ly. We thank you in advance for your cooperation. A full link to the USPA Equine Drugs and Medications Rules can be found on uspolo.org. USPA Rulebook With the support of the USPA Rules Committee and other USPA committees, the USPA board of governors has approved a number of changes to the USPA Outdoor Rules for 2019. These changes are designed to open up the game, make it safer and bring the Out- door Rules more in line with the USPA's International Rules and the HPA, FIP and AAP Rules. The 2019 USPA Rulebook is now available on the "bookshelf" tab of uspolo.org. Handicaps Please note that a change has been made by the USPA National Handicap Committee to revert handicaps below 1 goal to numeric values effective January 1, 2019: Old handicap: New handicap: B -1 B.5 -0.5 A 0 A.5 0.5 The C (-2) handicap as been eliminated altogether. Published by the United States Polo Association Offices at 9011 Lake Worth Rd. Lake Worth, Florida 33467 (800) 232-USPA Chairman: Chip Campbell President: Tony Coppola Secretary: Stewart Armstrong Treasurer: Sam Ramirez Chief Executive Officer: Robert Puetz POLO P L A Y E R S E D I T I O N 7 DAVID LOMINSKA/POLOGRAPHICS

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