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60 POLO P L A Y E R S E D I T I O N Y E S T E R Y E A R S A ROYAL MIND " H e 'invented technology.' He was the first man to … and also the first to … oh, and also the first …" wrote John Terraine, who produced the landmark 1968 docu- mentary on the life of Lord Louis Mountbatten. Terraine remembers the ever-loqua- cious Mountbatten holding court with filmmakers. "'The great thing about me …' he announced one night, after a long, far-reaching conversation; there was a breathless pause; we sat up, tense, alert, impatient; Revelation was at hand. 'The really important thing about me is … (unendurable tension) that I am the man who cured lameness in horses.'" Never one for modesty, they sighed. He had. The doctor who initiated the use of faradic electro-stimulation meant for humans to cure horses, initially got the idea from Lord Mountbatten who insist- ed it be used on one of his lame polo ponies. Lord Louis Mountbatten was an inno- vator. There is the Mountbatten Station Keeping Gear, among his many naval innovations; a color called Mountbatten Pink; the Mountbatten Brailler and the Mountbatten Hovercraft. He brought that same keen sense of creativity to his favorite pastime, polo. Who is Lord Mountbatten? One word describes Mountbatten—iconoclast. Aside from the man for whom Prince William and Kate named their third child, and the bit player in Netflix's "The Crown," who brought Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip together, he was a war hero, leader and statesman. He and wife Edwina were fixtures on the society pages. Born a Prince, Queen Victoria held him in her arms. He shook hands with Babe Ruth but also broke bread with Ghandi. Noel Coward made a movie about him, Charlie Chaplin made one with him and Cole Porter wrote him into a song. All were friends. Grace Kelly kept a picture of him on her nightstand. Mountbatten, however, was a man of substance to go along with his bon vivant image. The Royal Navy officer earned the title Earl Mountbatten of Burma in WWII when he helped free South East Asia as Supreme Commander. It was he who accepted the Japanese surrender on behalf of the British Empire. He served as First Sea Lord, Admiral of the Fleet and finally Head of the Joint Chiefs. Mountbatten was the man to usher Britain into the nuclear age. It was as Head of Combined Opera- tions, where he held commissions in the Navy, Army and Air Force during World War II that Lord Mountbatten estab- lished a culture of reform and innova- tion, the naissance of his military doc- trine: technological modernization and cooperation between forces. Google Pykrete. Geoffrey Pyke was one of the avant- garde minds he brought into Combined Innovator Lord Louis Mountbatten's polo legacy BY JOSHUA M. CASPER Lord Mountbatten, July 7, 1933 KEYSTONE PICTURES USA/ALAMY STOCK PHOTO

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