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sophomore in high school and was lucky enough to make it onto the Maryland polo women's team coached by Kelly Wells. That year the team won the Women's Interscholastic Tournament and continued to do so for the next two years. Lizzie then attended the University of Connecticut and was thrilled to play with her sister, Kelly, and win a national championship along with having undefeated season that year. Her teammates, seniors Kelly and Elizabeth Rockwell, taught her much about the game. After her freshman year she transferred to Cornell to study animal science and prepare herself for vet school. At Cornell, her polo skills an Steven's life. As a violinist, he has accompanied orchestras in Texas and France, while studying abroad. He also played in a mariachi group for a while. Steven is fluent in French and Spanish. The comfortable atmosphere and genuine people are what truly make polo special to Steven. Some of his most cherished childhood memories are watching his dad play polo professionally. Steven graduates from Texas Tech this May, and hopes to pursue a career in the hospitality field. INTERSCHOLASTIC PTF AWARD WINNER Nora Young improved dramatically with the coaching of David Eldredge. Lizzie also had amazing teammates who helped her to succeed both on and off the polo field. She capped off her senior year with another national championship and undefeated season. Lizzie is currently working in a small animal clinic in Houston, and plans on attending vet school next year. INTERCOLLEGIATE PTF AWARD WINNER Steven Stimmel Texas Tech University is Steven, a fourth generation polo player, the oldest of four sons Indio, California and of players Carolyn and Harley Stimmel. He was born in raised in Midland, Texas. Steven began swinging a mallet at an early age, while his dad taught he and his brothers the value of true horsemanship. In high school, Steven played on the Midland interscholastic team, but was convinced that would be the end of his indoor polo career. Upon arriving at Texas Tech University, he knew immediately horses and polo were a valuable asset to his life. Being nominated team captain for two years, the team made it to nationals twice, and won the regional title, the first for Tech. His younger brother Jake, and Nora Young Shallowbrook Polo Club spent most of her childhood in Wilbraham, Massachusetts. She began taking riding lessons at the age of 12 at Shallowbrook Equestrian Center in Somers, CT, as an after-school activity. At 14, Nora saw polo for the first time. It only took one lesson for Nora to realize that polo was the sport for her. Instructor Hal Vita not only taught Nora how to play polo but also showed her how much passion is cultivated in the sport. Throughout her four years of high school Nora competed Shallowbrook Women's with the Interscholastic Team where her playing improved drastically. Vita was unable to coach her senior year so Hilary Mroz-Blythe stepped in, bringing Nora to a whole new level. This past summer Nora began to get seriously involved with outdoor polo while working for Hilary, where she was able to play and ride nearly every day of the week. Because of this experience, Nora fell in love with the sport all over again. Nora will be attending Connecticut the University skills at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania's Chamounix Equestrian Center, home of Work To Ride. It was not long before he picked up a mallet and took his first swing. He was soon practicing in the opportunity Cowtown, New Jersey where he played his first grass polo game. After several years Kareem was given to compete on the Cowtown-Work to Ride varsity polo team where he played alongside his older brother. They won their first regional in 2005, earning a chance to compete in the National Interscholastic tournament, but took a first-round loss to Eldorado. A couple years later Kareem was named team captain. another regional championship defeating Baltimore Polo Club. The team followed up with a historic win at the National Interscholastic Championship. Over the course of his interscholastic career, Kareem has competed in nine regional tournaments and has received All-Tournament honors seven out of nine times, as well as two National All-Star awards. Outside of polo he is an active athlete as well, earning varsity letters in lacrosse, soccer, and basketball. Kareem has spent the last three summers working and breaking green competing in the northeast horses, and region at various clubs. He is currently studying Business at Tompkins Cortland Community College with hopes of transferring to Cornell University next fall. PTF SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARD Russell Field Russell Field was named Stanford Club of this fall where she is majoring in Neurobiology and Physiology, and playing on the intercollegiate team. Peyton Johnson were his teammates. Steven is also a proud member of Phi Delta Theta. Music also plays a significant role in INTERSCHOLASTIC PTF AWARD WINNER Kareem A. Rosser Cowtown Polo Club Kareem Rosser's involvement with horses began at an early age. He mounted up at age 7 and began to learn basic riding Sports Athlete of the Year. This is the first time that recognized by a college or university as athlete of the year. The PTF recognized Russell for his contributions to Stanford, The PTF, and Intercollegiate Regional polo program. Russell Field is from Los Altos, California. He graduated in June with co- terminal Master's and Bachelor's degrees —continued on page 61 POLO PLAYERS EDITION 9 a polo player has been In 2011 the team won the USPA Western

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