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NOV 2011

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On average, 16.1 is about the largest size horse you will see on the polo field. Once you get over 16.1, you are pretty high up for effective mallet work, and normally have a little trouble with handling at speed. On a 15.2-hand horse, a 51-inch mallet is generally used, meaning a 16.2-hand horse would require a mallet 4 inches longer. A shorter mallet is easier to handle but a longer mallet may allow you to reach more plays. Some players have much longer arms, and you may have a fairly small horse that just measures big because of large withers, so again, I am generalizing. Now that you have all this swirling around in your head, we're back to the simple fact of whether size does matter. Many players used to try assembling their string by selecting similar type horses. Today, those efforts have taken giant leaps forward in some circles by the actual process of embryo transplants and now even cloning. I hear the top embryo transplants are selling for about $40,000 per embryo. Even more, a clone of one of Adolfo Cambiaso's horses sold for $800,000. I'm still trying to find good solid playing adult horses for $15,000. It is no wonder I haven't been having much luck. Having similar-sized horses for hitting and riding is a real plus. Once you have been at it for a while, you will realize it is not so easy to adapt from a large bulky horse to a small narrow type. Some players look for the frame they find most comfortable on. As I shared previously, some of the top players and sponsors have brought in the science of embryo transplanting to pretty much dictate the body type of the offspring. Others of us are just lucky to get whatever comes down the polo sales conveyor belt. If they play well and are well mannered on the ground as well as under saddle, I will pretty much take any shape, color, or size. Yes, even ponies. I have had a couple of ponies over my 40 years in the business and I really loved them. Though I'm not sure how much they loved my 200-plus pounds. This game is a ton of fun on whatever size horse one might happen to be aboard. I wish you 4-inch hands and a steady horse to measure. Happy Polo! POLO PLAYERS EDITION 13 ᑃᑁᑆᑆᑑᑒᑉᑀᑐᑁᑂᑅᑀᑉᑄᑇᑈ ᑁᑓᑖᑒᑅᑇᑇ Also available in Havana Leather ᑙ+%/(#!,ᑀᑢ4./%00ᑃᑀᑥ!01%/#!/∃ᑀᑂᑀᑱ(0!ᑀ!##%.1%∃ ᑂᑅᑕᑕᑢᑣᑙᑀᑄᑅᑆᑒᑀᑃᑐᑖᑗᑀᑅᑓᑙᑖᑀᑖᑉᑉᑈᑘᑙᑀ ᑅᑀᑆᑖᑔᑗᑓᑈᑠᑈᑀᑓᑑᑕᑈᑀᑖᑉᑀᑗᑘᑖᑇᑡᑆᑠᑙ ᑉᑖᑘᑀᑅᑓᑓᑀᑢᑖᑡᑘᑀᑗᑖᑓᑖᑀᑕᑈᑈᑇᑙᑁ ᑡ∋2))%/ᑀᑠ/(∃∗%ᑀ#−+.∗%1%ᑀ3ᑆ∀(1 ᑤ!&7ᑁᑐᑖᑖ ᑧ∗!1∋%ᑀᑠ−−107ᑁᑉᑑᑒ ᑨ%∗∋!+7ᑁᑐᑒᑖ ᑆᑔᑕᑢᑀᑢᑤᑑᑐᑑᑀᑢᑇᑐᑐᑖᑑᑀᑔᑇᑢᑀ ᑇᑀᑢᑣᑑᑑᑖᑁᑡᑑᑕᑘᑒᑙᑡᑉᑑᑐᑀᑣᑡᑑᑑᑀ ᑥᑔᑕᑉᑔᑀᑕᑢᑀᑖᑕᑘᑑᑐᑀᑥᑕᑣᑔᑀ ᑖᑇᑣᑑᑦᑀᑡᑤᑈᑈᑑᑡᑀᑠᑇᑘᑑᑖᑢᑀ ᑣᑙᑀᑇᑢᑢᑤᑡᑑᑀᑉᑙᑗᑒᑙᑡᑣᑀᑇᑘᑐᑀ ᑇᑘᑀᑑᑦᑉᑑᑖᑖᑑᑘᑣᑀᑒᑕᑣᑀᑒᑙᑡᑀ ᑈᑙᑣᑔᑀᑠᑖᑇᑧᑑᑡᑀᑇᑘᑐᑀᑔᑙᑡᑢᑑᑂ ᑔᑇᑀᑡ∗(,1−,ᑀᑩ1/%%1ᑀ6ᑀᑰ2∗∗5ᑃᑀᑦ%3ᑀ −/)ᑀᑈᑐᑈᑒᑖ ᑨ∋−,%ᑆᑣ!4ᑀᑐᑈᑒᑄᑓᑖᑓᑄᑕᑇᑐᑓᑀ6ᑀᑢᑄ+!(∗ᑗᑀ∃!,,5.−∗−ᑘ!−∗ᑅ#−+ ᑄᑇᑡᑉᑙᑢ ᑃᑑᑓᑤᑧ ᑅᑇᑐᑐᑖᑑ

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