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NOV 2011

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herself as she could probably outride almost anyone in the lineup. That summer I had been sent three phenomenal mares from Memo Gracida to finish during the summer. I had ridden dozens of horses for him over the years but these three were something special. The next week I thought it would be great to show Vicki what a Thoroughbred horse would be to ride, but she seemed disinterested. The bottom line was she was yelled at from more than one direction, and right then she made up her mind the sport was not for her. I had her in the wrong lineup, which was my fault for not going out and practicing with her. Every club usually has someone that discourages new members from getting serious about the sport by taking the role of umpire, coach, and ball hog. It's never the better players either. That was the last year I played, as a little over a year later she was lying on a table in Sheridan smiling at me while two doctors were pulling her stomach up to her chin while delivering our son Robert. I am not sure if all women would manage a smile in that situation, but I can tell you that Vicki Johnstone did. When she was nine months pregnant she crawled up in the bed of her truck and hooked up her horse trailer to take a horse to town. Last year she unloaded a flatbed of hay by herself and despite all the cattle I have moved in my youth, no one would ever describe my moving cattle as an art form, but to watch Vicki the other day ease around some yearlings was a thing of beauty. She works hundreds of hours each year as a volunteer at the Sheridan Wyo Rodeo, Don King Days and the Chris Ledoux Memorial, and she does most of it with a smile on her face. Today she lives with Robert and I in Big Horn, Wyoming with between 15 and 20 cats, a dog, 10 head of steers and heifers, three horses and not one mouse on the place. After 11 years with me she is shaking her head, lamenting, "Why, oh why?" For me, it has been the best years of my life. Gotta Go third book Sam Morton is currently working on his and can be samuellongmorton.com. reached at Aiken, S.C. ᑂᑉᑈᑀᑁᑆᑄᑄᑇᑅ ᑁᑐᑃᑄᑇᑅᑑᑀᑁᑆᑄᑄᑇᑅ ᑅᑈᑗᑘᑕᑓᑀᑗᑔᑀᑗᑐᑈᑀᑖᑇᑈᑓᑈᑀᑔᑉᑀᑁᑂᑃᑀᑙᑈᑆᑕᑖᑀᑔᑉᑀᑇᑔᑓᑗᑑᑓᑘᑔᑘᑖᑀᑄᑔᑒᑔ ᑁᑄᑂᑈᑀᑖᑆᑔᑅᑀᑑᑐᑈᑐᑀᑑᑄᑐᑑᑈᑄᑀᑖᑅᑐᑀᑇᑉᑐᑖᑀᑗᑐᑕᑒᑀᑒᑄᑂᑈᑀᑄᑓᑔᑂᑔᑄᑀᑉᑄᑄᑃᑓ ᑐᑘᑠᑀ ᑀᑗᑒᑕᑕᑀ ᑀᑒᑙᑑᑔᑉᑖᑓᑒ ᑇᑂᑃᑁᑅᑄᑇᑁᑆᑇᑆᑄ ᑰᑰᑰᑁᑢᑥᑣᑣᑦᑤᑨᑤᑡᑦᑩᑱᑁᑧᑤᑩ ᑢᑥᑣᑣᑦᑤᑈᑢᑥᑣᑣᑦᑤᑨᑤᑡᑦᑩᑱᑁᑧᑤᑩ POLO PLAYERS EDITION 15

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