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NOV 2011

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treatment, but they might have a chance to heal more completely and get over the injuries--such as damage to the ligaments that support the joint—if they had some time off. "Some horses, however, are predisposed to sacroiliac problems because of their conformation, or how they are ridden. So you won't eliminate all the problems just by giving them a rest," he explains. "A lot of horses with back pain develop bad habits in how they move. They work in an inverted fashion (dipping down in the back instead of rounded upward). They spit the bit out and become ewe-necked, with hind end trailing behind instead of working underneath them. So whatever we can do to try to get that horse comfortable so it can work with a rounded back, and flex at the lumbosacral joint and flex the neck, this allows the horse to support the back with the abdominal muscles and have a stronger unit—and aids the future comfort of the horse," he explains. "We use non-steroidal anti- inflammatories and muscle relaxants as a starting point. A muscle relaxant such as methocarbomal has benefit for some horses with back pain and muscle soreness, when used in conjunction with anti- inflammatories. But when people keep the horse on it for long periods of time I think it loses its efficacy," he says. The NSAIDs like bute, Banamine and ketoprofen can be helpful. "Some of the newer ones like Equuiox are beneficial because they are kind to the gut, especially if the horse has had ulcers. We've found that some horses respond very well to certain types of regional injections. Horses with caudal sacral soreness may respond to caudal epidural injections of corticosteroids," says Mitchell. "Shock wave therapy can be very useful for reduction of pain in the back. Those areas are accessible to a shock wave device. If you know where to target this treatment, you can significantly reduce pain, even though it doesn't cure anything," he says. Acupuncture can also be useful for lower degrees of discomfort, and to support and improve what is being accomplished with direct medical therapy. "Mesotherapy, used for pain, is also beneficial. This involves use of very small intradermal needles to inject local anesthetic and corticosteroids in small doses into dermal layers of the skin in multiple spots along the back. This affects ᑢᑗᑢᑣ/ᑦ POLO MALLETS CUSTOM MADE MALLETS ᑤ)∋∀!∗∗#∋&ᑰ∃ᑀᑰ& ᑀᑤ)∋%(+ ᑡᑰ∃∃!+ᑀᑥ!(ᑰ#)ᑀᑦ!),#ᑱ! Tipa Wood Heads Wide Selection of Canes ᑔᑘᑥᑠᑠᑖᑢᑖᑕ ᑡᑥᑤᑓ ᑙᑣᑀᑦᑡᑥᑢ ᑢᑙᑗ ᑈᑕᑕᑀᑉᑢᑡᑰᑀᑄᑢᑣᑣᑢᑙᑑᑀᑖᑢᑤᑂ ᑱᑀᑅᑢᑧᑤᑀᑈᑦᑑᑤᑀᑃᑙᑧᑠᑗᑡᑧᑠᑀᑉᑤᑑᑗᑙᑕᑤᑥ ᑱᑀᑆᑑᑡᑡᑢᑨᑕᑤᑀᑈᑦᑕᑕᑙᑀᑉᑤᑑᑗᑙᑕᑤᑥ ᑱᑀᑇᑕᑩᑀᑑᑡᑔᑀᑐᑥᑕᑔᑀᑉᑤᑧᑓᑘᑥᑁᑉᑤᑑᑗᑙᑕᑤᑥ ᑃᑨᑑᑗᑙᑑᑒᑙᑕᑀᑑᑦᑀᑃᑙᑙᑀᑉᑗᑠᑕᑥ ᑄᑑᑙᑙᑀᑉᑢᑡᑰᑂ ᑁᑉᑐᑅᑂᑀᑑᑒᑇᑃᑐᑈᑆᑆᑀᑧᑨ ᑑᑒᑇᑃᑆᑄᑅᑆ We supply cane, grip & heads for repair We have light mallets for women & children NEW MALLETS IN STOCK ᑣᑤᑙᑢᑀᑩᑙᑗᑥᑃᑗᑥᑣᑨᑢᑘ We honor Visa/Mastercard/AMX 3500 Fairlane Farms Road Suite #6 Wellington, FL 33414 −−−ᑄ(∋∃∋%ᑰ∃∃!+∗ᑄᑱ∋% #&∀∋ᑖ(∋∃∋%ᑰ∃∃!+∗ᑄᑱ∋% ᑁᑓᑅᑅᑂᑀᑔᑅᑈᑃᑢᑗᑢᑣ ᑁᑑᑇᑑᑑᑂ ᑧ!∃ᑕᑀᑁᑐᑑᑆᑂᑀᑒᑔᑈᑃᑉᑔᑆᑆ ᑠᑰ.ᑕᑀᑁᑐᑑᑆᑂᑀᑒᑔᑈᑃᑉᑒᑆᑉ POLO PLAYERS EDITION 27

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