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NOV 2011

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P OL O I N T H E P ERNESTO RODRIGUEZ A M P A S CURTAIN TIME Argentina's spring season kicks off with two Opens PHOTOS BY SERGIO LLAMERA T he San Jorge Open renews the rite of kicking off the high-goal spring season Saturday, at the end of each August. Hosted by the Military Riding Club, located in North Hurlingham, the traditional festival keeps the magic of being the first link in the chain that ultimately leads to Palermo's Open. Between Sunday, August 28 and September 3, seven teams from 18 to 21 goals divided into two zones accepted the challenge of playing for the Duke of Edinburgh (open) and Colonel Francisco Reyes Carrere (handicap) with six quartets representing the host institution. In the opening day, playing in Zone A, SJ Hydrabab Chaugan beat Rio Grande La Merced, with Javier Novillo Astrada as leader, 8-6, while Zone B, SJ for the Fluid Manchester defeated SJ Halls 11-7. Meanwhile SJ Miralejos Turismo de la Provincia de Buenos Aires did the same against SJ Equidiet 11-8. On the second day, SJ Gascón Escorihuela left Rio Grande La Merced Estanislao Ramos, Santiago Solari, Pablo Dorignac and Roberto Samaría won the San Jorge Cup. no chance in Zone A after overcoming the team 9-7. In Zone B, SJ Equidiet recovered against SJ Fluido Manchester 12-8, while Miralejos Turismo de la Provincia de Buenos Aires kept pace against SJ Halls winning 12-8, and securing a place in the final. In the last qualifying date, SJ Escorihuela Gascón claimed Zone A after its 15-12 victory over SJ Hydrabab Chaugan. The finals were moved about 15 miles to 40 POLO PLAYERS EDITION from SJ Hydrabab Chaugan and knew how to handle the process for six full chukkers to reach a comfortable 19-10 victory. The winners had a great performance from Federico Teves, author of seven goals (two of them by penalties). On the opposite team, the work of Indian player Syed Basheer Ali was highlighted with four goals (three fouls) but it was not enough to alter the result, allowing Teves and the Fanelli brothers to repeat the 2010 celebration. The most anticipated match of the day two strongest had the teams in the Palermo, where on a Saturday, in front of a good crowd, two trophies were defined in this tournament, held since 1962. The handicap cup that remembers Colonel Reyes Carrere, considered the best Argentine military player of all time, was for SJ Equidiet, the team that took full advantage of having received three goals tournament facing off, with neither taking advantage until the final minutes of the fourth period after the first half ended leveled at seven goals. Santiago Solari, author of seven field goals, showed all his dimensions second half, in the Escorihuela Gascón, to manage the pace of SJ with Estanislao Ramos, a strong penalty converter who executed five of the six penalties, helping at Back. Hernan Tasso, author of nine goals including four penalties, shined for SJ Miralejos Turismo de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, but the best of Escorihuela Gascón, a team sponsored by Argentine winemakers, allowed it to lift the trophy, which was donated by the British Prince Consort to thank Argentine polo authorities after his trip to this country half a century ago. Held in parallel was the women's handicap tournament. On the first day, La Ensenada Aeropuertos 2000 gave SJ Fluido Manchester 10½ goals, to win by 18-11½, while Santa María Ona gave the same amount to San Jorge to defeat it 19-10½. On the second day, SJ Fluido Manchester recovered the 4½ goals it gave away and routed Namuncurá 10-4½, while La Varzea Speed didn't fret the 9½ goals granted to San Jorge to leave it behind 12-9½. On the third day, La Ensenada Aeropuertos 2000 beat Namuncurá 20-15 and Santa María Ona defeated La Varzea by a narrow 5-3½. La Ensenada Aeropuertos 2000 and

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