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NOV 2011

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Equidiet's Martin Scortichini, Silvestre Fanelli, Federico Teves, and Jeronimo Fanelli won the Carrere Cup. JOCKEY CLUB OPEN LA DOLFINA Adolfo Cambiaso David Stirling Matías Magrini Alejo Taranco LA IRENITA ARANDÚ Tomás Gándara Hilario Ulloa Pablo Mac Donough Salvador Ulloa INDIOS CHAPALEUFÚ II CARDÓN Alberto Heguy Alejandro Novillo Astrada Javier Novillo Astrada Eduardo Heguy MIRAMAR Diego Cavanagh Pablo Jauretche Joaquín Pittaluga Alejandro Agote 33 10 9 8 6 32 6 9 10 7 I 33 8 8 9 8 29 7 7 7 8 Salvador Ulloa, plus Tomás Gándara. That well-oiled structure was able to react against Indios Chapaleufú II Cardón that kept two historical players in Pepe and Ruso Heguy. Joining the Heguy brothers were Alejandro Novillo Astrada, one of the 2011 reinforcements, and very special guest Javier Novillo Astrada. This new team made things better in the first five periods, where an 11-8 score was imposed thanks to Javier Novillo Astrada who made five goals. But, the best horses and positive understanding of La Irenita paid off in the final 14 minutes when it shutout its opponent while adding six goals 42 POLO PLAYERS EDITION to Adolfo Cambiaso, David Stirling, Alejo Taranco, and Matias Magrini won the Jockey Club Open. enact the final 14-11. Pablo Mac Donough's five goals were vital for the win. The final was played a week later. After the opening seven minutes in which the lead changed several times, La Dolfina managed to close up 4-3 and did not ever give up the control again. Cambiaso shined with 11 goals and the support of his team. Mac Donough and his teammates tried to turn the score, showing great courage. Regardless of various mistakes at the penalty line, mostly due to a strong wind blowing across Field No. 1, they made a heroic comeback that enabled them to get to 14-13 with more than two minutes left in the decisive chukker. Cambiaso showed his usual class, scoring a penalty seconds later (he scored five) for the 15-13 final, allowing him to lift the Eminent Galicia Cup. Completing Adolfito's joy, his mare Dolfina Panam was named best horse in the final. "It was very good to play in Argentina after many months of traveling around the world. I also loved how well the new horses responded. It is a pleasure to see Panam play that way. And United. They are daughters of Lapa, one of my best mares. And even Acid, 5-year-old of Aiken Cura, made his debut. [He] is the first son playing. This gives me much hope for this season that I hope will be bright for us." On the other side, Tomás Gándara, voted best player of the final, said the match was key at the startup. "They took us far ahead in the beginning and then we started to rebound. When we had the chance to tie, they were able to dominate us, converting a penalty so it was all over." La Ensenada's Paola Martinez, Camila Rossi, Maria Chavez, and Mumy Bellande took the women's section of the San Jorge Open. With them is Luis Lalor.

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