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NOV 2011

Polo Players' Edition is the official publication of the U.S. Polo Association. Dedicated to the sport of polo, it features player profiles, game strategy, horse care, playing tips, polo club news and tournament results.

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Now Even Better Through Advanced Technology... TEC Polo Balls TEC We fully guarantee every ball against breakage during play THE MATCH BALL ...has the traditional "crack" when hit... a sound and quality preferred by many high goal players. Easily identified by our NEW blue label. THE DIMPLED BALL State-of-the-art in polo balls... aerodynamically superior to any smooth ball... more lively... will hit straighter and longer... the world's most durable polo ball. —SOLD INDIVIDUALLY OR CASES OF 100— Take your game to new levels with TOM GOODSPEED ᑒᑠᑧᑧᑀᑰᑱᑀᑣᑠ%ᑀ&ᑰ∀ᑱᑀᑰᑱᑡᑢᑱᑀ!ᑰᑡᑠ& ᑐᑄᑄᑃᑐᑐᑆᑃᑘᑗᑕᑗᑀᑁᑉᑈᑇᑈᑂ ᑣᑠ%ᑀᑇᑈᑅᑃᑉᑑᑇᑃᑄᑈᑑᑅ ᑓᑦᑩᑩᑨᑧᑀᑁ ᑔᑆᑓᑓᑈᑡᑤᑖᑙᑒ ᑓᑦᑩᑩᑨᑧᑀᑂ ᑗᑖᑓᑖᑀᑈᑘᑢᑑᑡᑆᑡᑑᑖᑕ ᑓᑦᑩᑩᑨᑧᑀᑃ ᑇᑈᑉᑈᑕᑠᑑᑣᑈᑀᑠᑒᑑᑓᑓᑠ The benchmark of polo training... • Endorsed by the Polo Training Foundation • Received top honors from Polo Magazine • Access your subject of particular interest with a simple click of the listed chapter titles • Each DVD is packed with Tom Goodspeed's four decades of experience ᑓᑦᑩᑩᑨᑧᑀᑄ ᑖᑢᑡᑇᑖᑖᑙᑀᑠᑡᑙᑆᑡᑈᑐᑥ $14000 ᑓᑦᑩᑩᑨᑧᑀᑅ ᑆᑙᑈᑕᑆᑀᑠᑡᑙᑆᑡᑈᑐᑥ ᑂᑅᑄᑅᑀᑁᑃᑁᑆ each $50000 for all five dvds Discounts available for I/I & youth programs Plus shipping polotom.com TO ORDER: email: polotom@usapolo.com 619.993.5553 W308S7010 CR-I • Mukwonago, WI 53149 ᑘᑰᑧᑰᑀᑙᑩᑦ#ᑢᑱ ᑦ!&ᑀᑠ!ᑀᑔᑦᑤᑥᑀᑖᑢᑠᑡᑰ∃ᑀᑓᑠᑱᑨᑀᑀNOW ACCEPTING RESERVATIONS FOR SUMMER 2012 POLO PLAYERS EDITION 51 The Sound... The Feel... The Power! el he

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