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NOV 2011

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Jose Reynal, above, and his brother Juan Reynal, played for Santa Paula. Aiken team were the opponents in a best of two-out-of-three series. This unfortunate occurrence, the first of a number which characterized their whole visit, undoubtedly affected their performance in the Chicago games and yet all three games were interesting, hard fought and well played, delighting capacity audiences and proving a complete success in every way. Old Aiken, with E.T. Gerry, J.P. Mills, S. Iglehart, and J.C. Rathborne, won the tournament although there was but one goal difference in the total score of both sides in the three games. In the first game played on July 11 in front of 4,000 spectators, Old Aiken took the match 14-11. Ebby Gerry scored seven goals for the winners. The second game played four days later had Santa Paula on top 11-8, keeping the teams tied on not just wins but net goals. The last match was winner take all, as Aiken pulled ahead 12- 11. Aiken's No. 3, Stewart Iglehart, had fallen ill and was replaced by James Cooley who scored the deciding goal in the last minute. The winning edge was much about horseflesh as it was teamwork. But the competition was not limited to the playing field. A Time magazine article said, "The occasion gave excuse for a tremendous social stir. A bustling series of luncheons, dinners, cocktail parties and balls was organized. Chief organizer was grey-haired but vivacious Mrs. Lucy Blair Linn, cousin of Col. McCormick, wife of a Chicago stockbroker. To facilitate conversation, she sent around Spanish-English dictionaries to be placed beside each guest sitting next Pony manager Tom Nelson and a groom with Florelle as the string arrived in Chicago in 1931. Many of the ponies contracted distemper on the way. Moving to Detroit with one week intervening, a similar series against Roslyn, made up of two of the four Old Aiken men, was played, which proved equally as interesting, hard fought, well played and successful in every way as the Chicago tournament with Santa Paula emerging as victors. Roslyn consisted of E.W. Hopping, J.P. Mills, E.A.S. Hopping and J.C. Rathborne. Santa Paula downed Roslyn 15-6 in the first game on July 26. Three days later Roslyn, with H.E. Talbott taking E.W. Hopping's place, got the best of Santa Paula 10-9, but Santa Paula came back stronger then ever to crush Roslyn 11-4. From Detroit the team and ponies moved eastward to Long Island about August 5 to conclude their preparations for the Open Championship. The team played a match at Sands Point, besting the home team 13-12. Sands Point had W.A. Harriman, E.A.S. Hopping, T. Hitchcock, and J.H. Whitney. Santa Paula then played a special event at Rye Turf and Polo Club on August 15. In that match, Santa Paula edged Roslyn 11-10. Roslyn had H.E. Talbott, Cecil Smith, S.B. Iglehart, and W. Post. Notwithstanding injuries to their captain, Manuel Andrada, to an Argentine. When fierce competition arose between hostesses as to who should entertain whom the night of the first game, Mrs. Linn placed the names of all eligible guests in one of her hats, had the competing hostesses draw them out." during the practice period which caused serious upsets to the line- up, and later on a totally disqualifying injury to Alfredo Harrington, their No. 1, the team entered the Open Championship event with the same fighting spirit which was so much a factor in their earlier success and that, together with a well-planned and developed team play, plus a fortitude of unusual magnitude, put them through to final victory over the Hurricanes and the achievement of their ambition. The Open had two foreign teams participating, and with POLO PLAYERS EDITION 63

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