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NOV 2011

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it 18-5. Santa Paula, however, knocked out the Tommy Hitchcock- led Greentree team 11-9, and faced Hurlingham in the final. The Hurricane team had Stephen Sanford, Winston Guest, Charles Roark and Terence Preece. When Santa Paula's No. 1 Alfredo Harrington fell at a polo pony show and tore his leg muscles, the injured Andrada took his arm out of its sling, moved his previous replacement Andres Gazzotti to No. 1, and took his position at Back. Brothers Juan and Jose Reynal were at the No. 2 and 3 positions. The Time article said, "The day Santa Paula played the Hurricanes for the championship, thousands of excited Latin- Americans crowded the Avenida de Mayo in Buenos Aires to hear cabled accounts of the game relayed to them by an announcer." Time's account of the game follows: Santa Paula, riding wildly to get a lead that might serve them Tom Nelson, manager of the Argentine string, Manuel Andrada, and a groom minimum requirements for teams four goals lower than had been the case for several years past—as a result of a change in the specifications of the tournament requirements made by the Executive Committee in 1931—the Open Championship was the outstanding polo event of the year. Six teams entered which resulted in five matches with the tournament beginning on September 9 and concluding 10 days later. Victory went to the Santa Paula team that stopped the defending champion. The consensus of opinion seemed to be that victory went as an award to consistent team play and endurance, and in a sport of this kind, it could be awarded for no better reason. The results of the tournament made the third time in the history of the Open up to that point, covering a period of nearly 30 years, in which the honors had gone to a foreign team and two of these had been teams from Argentina. The tournament was played under favorable weather conditions and exactly according to announced schedules. The first game on September 9 had the Hurricanes handing Sands Point a crushing blow with an 18-9 defeat. Santa Paula won its first game with an 8- 7 slip of Roslyn, but its Back, Manuel Andrada had to be replaced by Andres Gazzotti during the match after spraining his right hand. Hurricanes and Santa Paula advanced to the semifinals. Hurricanes faced the Anglo-Argentine Hurlingham team in the first semifinal. Another Time article indicated Hurlingham arrived just in time to steal some of Santa Paula's thunder, but not for long. The article said, "If [Hurlingham] played brilliantly in the Open, their accomplishments might have affected the enthusiasm with which U.S. buyers would bid for the spare-limbed, light-footed, cattle-trained ponies Santa Paula had brought with them to sell. Talk about an international series in case an Argentine team won the Open dwindled soon after the tournament started." Hurlingham was no match for the Hurricanes, which smothered 64 POLO PLAYERS EDITION Andrada played Yarara in the crucial last period of the U.S. Open. After, the team's ponies were auctioned off. Argentines' goals. He had had his hand doctored between chukkers, and played the whole field without dislocating the Santa Paula teamwork. In the last period on Pichon, a fresh pony, he still flickered down the windy field, an amazing figure of speed and courage, and scored the last two goals which gave Santa Paula the championship, 11 to 8. After the Open, the complete strings of horses from the visiting Santa Paula and Hurlingham teams, 86 in all, were sold at a public auction, adding another fine lot of ponies to America's reserve, and giving a rather eloquent testimony as to the healthy condition of the game, and a rather rosy tint to the outlook for the immediate future. —Adapted from a story in the 1932 USPA Year Book when Andrada's swollen hand hurt him too much to be useful, made three goals before the Hurricanes got one. They stayed ahead till Guest tied the score at 4-all. It was tied again at 5-all, 6-all, 7-all. Santa Paula was a goal ahead when the last chukker started. Andrada, on Yarara and Mio Mio, had scored three of the

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