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NOV 2011

Polo Players' Edition is the official publication of the U.S. Polo Association. Dedicated to the sport of polo, it features player profiles, game strategy, horse care, playing tips, polo club news and tournament results.

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P OL O T R A I N I N G F O U ND A T I ON Danny Scheraga ᑑᑈᑈᑐᑅᑇᑒᑓ Ian W. Angus ᑂᑓᑉᑔᑘᑕᑉᑖᑀ Chrys D. Beal ᑅᑘᑒᑙᑔᑑᑒᑖᑠᑀ Gillian Johnston ᑈᑔᑐᑒᑀᑅᑘᑒᑙᑔᑑᑒᑖᑠ Jesse Pruitt ᑆᑒᑐᑘᑒᑠᑉᑘᑤᑁᑇᑘᑒᑉᑙᑡᑘᑒᑘᑀ ᑆᑐᑒᑇᑅᑔᑑᑒᑓᑀ ᑉᑠᑙᑠᑡᑕᑡᑥᑀᑆᑘᑡᑗᑖᑣᑠᑡᑢᑀ George Alexander Jr. Daniel W. Colhoun Jr. Karlene Beal Garber Orrin H. Ingram Jesse L. Upchurch ᑔᑠᑀᑢᑗᑡᑤᑗᑀᑣᑠᑀᑃᑁᑂᑄ Ian W. Angus Dana Aschinger Eugene Burk Stephen A. Orthwein John C. Oxley Richard C. Riemenschneider Russell A. Sheldon Jack L. Shelton Charles E. Weaver ᑔᑠᑀᑢᑗᑡᑤᑗᑀᑣᑠᑀᑃᑁᑂᑃ Peter Y. Alworth Anthony L. Coppola George R. Dill Robert W. Donahey Gillian Johnston Clifford M. Sifton ᑔᑠᑀᑢᑗᑡᑤᑗᑀᑣᑠᑀᑃᑁᑂᑂ Chrys D. Beal Thomas J. Biddle Sr. Julie Boyle William Busch Glen Holden Sr. Jesse Pruitt Lynn Thompson John Walsh Daniel M. Scheraga ᑄᑣᑒᑐᑡᑠᑔᑢᑒᑀᑃᑔᑘᑒᑐᑠᑗᑘ Russell Field, David Eldredge (Cornell Coach), Lizzie Wisner, Danny Scheraga (PTF Exec. Dir), Nora Young, Ian Angus (PTF Chairman), Lynn Thompson (I-I Award Committee Chair), Steven Stimmel, Clyde Waddell (Texas Tech Coach), Lezlie Hiner (Cowtown Coach), and Kareem Rosser P TF Chairman Ian Angus, and PTF Intercollegiate-Interscholastic Liaison Lynn Thompson presented the 2011 Intercollegiate and Interscholastic Player of the Year awards on September 30 at The Reserve Club at Woodside Plantation in Aiken, South Carolina. The event doubled as a fundraiser for the PTF and the Aiken junior polo program. The Player of the Year award winners are judged on playing ability, including horsemanship, mallet skill, and comprehension contribution of to the sport team work, the game; based DANIEL J WALLACE JR. INTERCOLLEGIATE PTF AWARD WINNER Elizabeth "Lizzie" Wisner Cornell University This award is named in honor of longtime Yale coach and founder of the women's national intercollegiate tournament. Lizzie Wisner grew up in Upperco, Maryland where she started riding horses at a very young age. She played some polo through her local pony club, but was on leadership, commitment, and assistance to new players; and sportsmanship with emphasis placed on conduct in and out of the playing arena, knowledge of the rules and their enforcement, and a positive attitude. 8 POLO PLAYERS EDITION distracted by fox hunting and eventing, as well as other sports. Lizzie started playing basketball when she was 8 and played on various recreational, travel and AAU teams until she reached high school, where she played one year on the JV team and three years on the varsity team. Lizzie picked up polo when she was a AND THE WINNERS ARE ... PTF honors intercollegiate and interscholastic players

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