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JUL 2018

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quickening the pace of the game. "I've learned a lot about positioning, not to change my swing, but to position myself before I hit the ball," said Grant Ganzi. "A lot of what Adam and Owen were going over with me were backshots, which have been tough for me. I had worked with Mike Azzaro on my backshots earlier this year and that had helped too. It is interesting to hear d ifferent takes from different polo legends. There is no better advice I could get than from the top Americans who have ever played the game." In addition to two practices, the players worked with Snow and Rinehart on the USPA Polo Development, LLC riding pattern designed to test all aspects of riding used in a match. Each player's swing was also filmed and reviewed. Aside from their time in the saddle, new members toured the Isinya Farm's breeding operation with farm manager Beth Skolnik, seeing several famous polo stallions, mares and babies scattered throughout meticulously kept green pastures. Later, Dr. Shelley Onderdonk discussed the importance of equine nutrition and maintenance for polo horses. She compared several theories on best practices and took time to answer individual questions posed by the players. "Team USPA tryouts taught me a lot about myself, and my passions and about what I want to pursue," said Agee. "Hearing about all of the breeding and training techniques has made me realize that it is something that I want to pursue. Training my own horses is something I am very interested in and I learned a lot about it this weekend." With the popularity of Instagram, Facebook and social media platforms prevalent in today's society, the USPA communications team worked with the group to discuss personal branding, messaging and tips for live interviews. As an exercise, each player was filmed giving a cold interview then was able to review the footage with the group to see what areas needed improvement. Moraes rounded out the weekend with two polo specific workouts, a pre-game stretch routine and a discussion on nutrition. POLO P L A Y E R S E D I T I O N 23 Justin Daniels, 2 goals Sloan Stefanakis, 1.5 goals Jake Klentner, 1.5 goals Tony Calle, 3 goals Mia Bray, .5 goals Women's Handicap: 4 Grant Ganzi, 2 goals

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