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JUL 2018

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42 POLO P L A Y E R S E D I T I O N "I have to thank the two of them very much because they always lend me horses for important championships. I feel it was a full tournament," he explained. "We organized this team with Santiago Maldonado. I had played the 2017 final for Los Sauces and we lost it. B ut I realized that we could do it soon. That is why we imposed ourselves with Santiago Otamendi to make the best possible team with the support of all the Pompeya people, our lifetime club. We added two friends like Sebastián Borghi, who had already won the CAIH with El Chañar and Washington, and Magín Burgos. And we made it possible. It was a very nice first step for Pompeya on this level." Pompeya Polo Escorihuela (Córdoba): 15 Sebastían Borghi 5 Magín Burgos 2 Iván Maldonado 5 Santiago Otamendi 3 Los Sauces (San Luis): 13 Juan Carlos Sánchez 2 Ezequiel Sánchez 5 R odrigo Sánchez 4 Jerónimo Venturini 2 Tapia Polo (Tucumán): 15 Felipe Corroto Buffo 4 Diego Murga 1 Pablo Frías Silva 4 Manuel Toccalino 6 Chapaleufú Escorihuela RUS (La Pampa): 16 Alberto Garzarón 3 Iván Lariguet 5 Santiago Goñi 3 Andrés Lariguet 5 Replacements: Delfín Uranga 3 Nicolás Garzarón 3 Hípico Gualeguaychú Granazo (Entre Ríos): 16 Mateo Veronesi 3 Manuel Veronesi 3 Franco Veronesi 4 Mariano Obregón 6 Venado Tuerto (Santa Fe): 16 Gonzalo Ferrari 3 Tomás Ferrari 2 Guillermo Cavanagh 6 Eduardo Venturino 5 Tucumán Polo ( Tucumán): 16 Federico Pasquini 1 Gonzalo Paz Posse 4 Federico Pasquini 4 Diego Araya 7 SP Cartagena de Indias Imperial (Salta): 13 Esteban D´Andrea 4 Tomás Gómez Naar 3 Humberto D´Andrea 3 Santiago Escudero 3 Replacement: Jaime Tuyá 3 C9 ERSA (Corrientes): 12 Walter Cardozo 2 Martín Fiol 3 Alejandro Palomeque 5 Juan Facundo Morando 2 El Destino Polo (Catamarca): 10 Carlos de la Barrera 1 Mario Guardo 1 Felipe Kelly 4 Martín Jáuregui 4 Below: Santiago Otamendi, Iván Maldonado, Magín Burgos and Sebastían Borghi won the Interior Championship. MATÍAS CALLEJO/AAP

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