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JUL 2018

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POLO P L A Y E R S E D I T I O N 43 your zip code, google "free community event calendars," then watch your specta- tor base grow. TIP #4 Charge Admission Be sure to charge something at the gate. If spectators have to pay, they are receiving something of value, and equally impor- tant, they know they are welcome to come and watch! Even $2 per person with 50 p eople attending just once a week, times 16 weeks gives you $1,600 in revenue. Alternatively, charge $10 a carload. And while you have those new polo fans there, sell them a $20 hat, a tailgate spot or a polo lesson. Attracting spectators is only half the potential, selling them something while they are there, is the other half. TIP #5 Influencers I'll never forget the time I went to lunch with a Virginia polo manager and by the time we left the restaurant, everyone in there was either signed up for a polo lesson or coming to spectate at his next polo event. He is an influencer. There are people on this planet who have an uncanny knack for cultivating and attracting people. Chances are, you have someone similar in your club, so put 'em to work! These outgoing, engag- ing people are great ambassadors for your club, so encourage them to bring their social contacts into the fold. TIP #6 Engage Your Spectators So, now that you have been authentic, posted a variety of great topics to social media, met your local press, swam in a dif- ferent pond, charged admission and identi- fied your influencers, I'd like to suggest one more untapped free marketing idea: engage your spectators. Have you noticed the lag time while wait- ing on the players to make it to the trophy ceremony? Well, perhaps use this as an excuse to announce awards focused on the spectator, potentially reaching over 5,000 new polo fans via social media. For exam- ple, at Brandywine Polo Club, I created a Best Spectator Award given to an adult, a youth and a canine. The idea is to pick influencers that are spectators, give them the awards on stage with the club's name highly visible in the background, take pho- tos with the winners' phones, then ask them to post to their Facebook and Instagram accounts. Who doesn't have up to 2,000 fol- lowers on any given social media platform? #Free&EasyPoloClubMarketing You do have a trophy stage with your club's name highly visible, right? Elizabeth Hedley recently started a Polo Club Consulting business after an extensive career working for and with polo clubs throughout the U.S. Her goal is to help low- to medium-goal clubs reach sustainability by implementing clever cost-effective ideas to generate revenue. It is usually a two-year process. She is currently working with Brandywine Polo Club in Pennsylvania, until October and can be reached at elizabeth@poloclubconsulting.com. Develop a relationship with local media, keeping them up-to-date with your clubs happenings. Also, reach out to people outside of polo. Tinicum Park Polo Club advertised an event in a special horse publication put out by the local paper. A trophy stand with your club's name highly visible works well when spectators are taking photos and posting them to social media. ELIZABETH HEDLEY (continued from page 39)

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